A Gallery of Ten 90s Crushes All Grown Up


This is mainly for people in my generation, who had crushes on girls before we really even understood what crushes were. Most of these shows are in the early to mid nineties, and even though the girls may not have been particularly hot at the time, we still loved them.

Well now it’s fifteen or twenty years later, so I decided to go back and see how everyone progressed over the years. The results? Pretty spectacular actually, and half these girls you won’t even recognize. Do you even know who that lead picture is? No one looked very good in the nineties, though I suppose someday people will be saying that about us today.

Check out the gallery below, and let me know if I missed your favorite crush.

1. Topanga (Danielle Fishel – Boy Meets World)


She was brainy, hot and into goofy guys. She was the perfect girlfriend before any of us even really wanted one. That was Topanga.

And now?


She’s still pretty damn hot, and her chest is distracting me from her horribly ugly pants. She hosts that one show on E! and I think she’s quite cute indeed.

2.  Joey (Katie Holmes – Dawson’s Creek)


Back before Tom locked her in the basement Katie Holmes was the lovable Joey on Dawson’s Creek. True story, I thought she was Dawson since I had never watched the show. What, Dawson could be a girl’s name.

And now?


Make all the “locked in Tom Cruise’s basement” jokes you want (and I just did), but when photographed correctly, Kate Holmes is hotter than she ever was.

3. Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy the Vampire SlayTer


The teen vampire slayer that drove a stake through many of our hearts, Buffy was the ultimate 90s badass girl.

And now?


I though only vampires didn’t age?

4.  Rachel (Jennifer Aniston – Friends)


Ugh, I hated Rachel, but I know a million people loved her so I felt obligated to include her in this list. I just don’t think Jennifer Aniston is hot, and no amount of nudity and ties will change that.

And now?


Damn it! What did I just say? But you went and tried it anyway. After her split with Brad Pitt, Aniston is mostly tabloid and romantic comedy fodder these days. Quite the body though, even I have to admit.

5.  Winnie Cooper (Danica McKeller – The Wonder Years)


I have a feeling Winnie was many people’s first crush, despite her complete and utter lack of attractiveness for most of The Wonder Years.

And now?



6. Clarissa (Melissa Joan Hart – Clarissa Explains It All)


I also looked up Alex Mack just to find out they’re the same damn person.

And now?


Well, I see she still likes hanging out in bed.

7. Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth – Beverly Hills 90210)


I didn’t watch 90210, but I felt I should put someone in there on this list. Kelly Taylor seemed like the obvious choice.

And now?


Aww, she’s nice, and doing charity. Way to be Jennie Garth. And you’re cute.

8. Lucy Camden (Beverly Mitchell – 7th Heaven)


No, screw Jessica Biel, Lucy Camden was the shit when I was growing up, though I can’t remember exactly why.

And now?


Cute, but she kind of looks like a surprised forest animal.

9. Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Amber Theissen – Saved by the Bell)


DAMN. I totally forgot that Kelly Kapowski was this hot, and in her heyday had all these girls beat by a MILE.

And now?


Oh what a surprise, hotness grows up to be hot.

10. Kimberly the Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson – Power Rangers)


Yes, come on. You now you loved her, even if you didn’t want her action figure.

And now?


Quite the cutie, and not sprawled out on a bed naked like most of these girls. Stay classy Amy Jo.

  • CM

    Larisa Oleynik was Alex Mack, not Melissa Joan Hart. And she was in 10 Things I Hate About You.

  • hyuri

    Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Ashley Banks (Tatyana M. Ali)
    Who’s The Boss: Samantha Micelli (Alyssa Milano)

    Honorable mentions?

  • James

    Alex Mack is Larisa Oleynik from ’10 Things I hate About You’

  • MacGyver1138

    I recognized Kelly Kapowski in the banner, because she’s always been hot.

    Something crazy about Danica McKeller is that she’s something of a math genius. She’s written books and taught on the subject. She was gifted with beauty and brains. Awesome.

  • matt

    You must have a pretty good st pats day hangover if you

    a) Left Alyssa Milano off this list.

    b) Think Alex Mack was/is Clarissa.

    c) Think people won’t recognize Kelly K.

  • Madison

    Kapowski slayed me then, and she slays me even more now.

  • Josh

    Where the heck is DJ from Full House? Candace Cameron is a full blown hottie and married to the younger brother of one of the greatest hockey players to lace up in the last two decades (I love hockey, so it’s notable)

  • Bryan

    How did you miss Lacey Chabert? The younger girl on Party of 5.

    She’s all grown up know.


  • Larry

    DJ from full house was a pig. On the other hand, the younger drug addict sister is looking pretty hot these days.

  • Drester

    Owwww, Topanga <3

  • I don’t mean to be a correction maniac but that ‘now’ picture of Danielle Fishel is at least 10 years old…

    Also, the ‘now’ picture of Amy Jo Johnson is about 12 years old. Its a promo shot from Felicity.

    Of course the ‘now’ picture of Tiffani Theissen is from a photosohot that’s pretty old as well.

    Hey, try going to GettyImages and searching names there, you’ll find the most recent pictures of someone that way 🙂

  • Banditone

    Topanga. Yum. Curvtacular.

    How about some Lisa Turtle?

  • vincentD
  • Lauren

    Alyssa Milano was an eighties crush. That’s probably one reason she’s not on this list.

  • Sam

    Umm…I’m pretty sure Jennifer Aniston was already “All Grown Up” when Friends was popular. She doesn’t look all that much different now that she’s older either.

  • LAkawak

    Kind of funny to talk about 90s stars “all grown up” and then the “after” picture of Melissa Joan Hart was taken IN THE 90s! OVer 10 years ago!

  • Zee

    “and not sprawled out on a bed naked like most of these girls. Stay classy Amy Jo”

    Gotta love the sarcasm in that.

  • decisive

    umm, Amy Jo was in a porn or at least very nude in a sex scene in a movie in the 90s.

  • AshleyZ

    I think the author confused Alex Mack with Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which was played by Melissa Joan Hart.

  • M

    Forget Alex Mack, Annie Mack! (Meredith Bishop)

  • Angela

    Amy Jo was never in porn.

    Where are people getting this misinformation?

  • MacGyver1138

    @ Angela:

    I had heard that (untrue) rumor elsewhere before. It would be interesting to know how it started.

  • Dude

    Amy the pink ranger was in playboy i thought?!
    I will award 1 internet to whoever can post the link. I’d search but NSFW

  • Frank

    Melissa Joan Hart was not Alex Mack….

  • AJ

    How about Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) from Married…With Children huh?

  • jeev

    What are you talking about? Winnie was ALWAYS attractive.

  • WOW….Winnie is smokin hot!

  • slutnuts

    you’re missing all the girls from the show that suzanne summers and patrick duffy were the parents on. cant remember the name, essentially a 90’s brady bunch

  • Banditone


    Excellent one! Angela Watson was INSANELY the hot.

  • Jeremy b

    Where’s Dina from Salute Your Shorts? You call this a list? Or Katrina from All That? (After she hit puberty and got real hot)

    Yeah right. I’m out.

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  • aaron

    just missed some of these shows, i was born in 93, so when i wasn’t outside i was eating or sleeping lol

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  • deathskins

    Christine Taylor… Hey Dude
    Nicholle Tom… The Nanny
    Lark Voorhies… SBtB
    Lori Loughlin… Full House
    Jonathan Brandis… seaQuest DSV

    All look great nowadays

  • MacGyver1138


    I don’t know about the rest of that list, but I don’t think Jonathan Brandis looks all that good today, considering he committed suicide in 2003.

  • deathskins

    the joke escapes unlike you



  • mike t

    how about punky brewster (soleil moon frye). she is a full fledged hottie now.

  • mike t

    reckon punky was 80s. my bad.

  • J

    Linda Cardellini – Freeks and Geeks.

  • Superman

    I never heard of 3 of them. I only heard of Katie Holmes because of the Tom Cruise love-fest. I didn’t know she was on Dawson’s Creek. Another 4 are not really pretty. So, that leaves Jennifer Aniston and Tiffani Amber Theissen are the only two that should be from this list.

    Many of those “now” photos have been touched-up by magazines. Out of the 10, probably the only classy one left is Jennie Garth. How can you call Amy Jo Johnson classy?!? Duh, Amy Jo posed for Playboy.

  • angela

    Re: Superman
    Amy Jo Johnson never posed for Playboy. I don’t know what imaginary magazine covers you have been conjuring in your head.

  • Superman
  • angela

    Some of those pictures are obviously photoshopped.

  • u could be missing ‘six’ from blossom.she was hot

  • They Got even hotter .
    when they are small they are cool look sexy, but now some of them are hot as hell.

  • Renee

    Alex Mack wasnt Melissa Joan Hart!
    She was Larisa Oleynik.


  • that picture of Melissa Joan Hart is from a Maxim article from almost 10 years ago. I think she’s not quite as fit now.

  • Jessie Midnight

    I so had crushes on most of them. It’s hard to think that nobody in my family noticed or in denial that there eldest girl had crushes on most of thos girls…er women. Then again I was little.

  • Gir

    and larisa oleynik is pretty much a cutie

  • So Danica McKeller is smoking hot. She’s also SMOKING SMART. She’s an honest to God Genius. She has three books on math for girls. Which makes her an author as well.

    Love the bod, love the brain, she’s the whole package. What dork wouldn’t love a model quality mathematician to play D&D with? You lose so much by focusing on just her physical qualities.

    That said: She can solve for my x anyday.

  • Krysler

    Jennifer Anniston was always hot.

  • nelson

    melissa joan hart doesn’t look like that anymore

  • I totally had a crush on the pink power ranger

  • Frank

    Why is Amy Smart not on this list?

  • O

    You forgot Michelle Trachtenberg from Hariet the Spy.

    And Hayden Penetierre from Aly Mcbeal and Remember the Titans.(I didn’t even watch the show just somehow watched it when she was on and had a crush immediately)

    And another throwback was Zaria from Parenthood

    And the redhead from Hit the Road Jack (I think that’s what it’s called, but E from Entourage played her brother and Reese from Malcom in the middle played her other brother.

    Whoever said Dina from Salute Your Shorts is a genius. She was number 1.

  • realityStrikes

    Title correction: A Gallery of Ten 90s White Crushes All Grown Up


  • I fapped to Sabrina the teenage witch (Melissa Joan Hart). A lot.

  • ’90s Forever

    Should have included Keri Russell and Jennifer Love Hewitt. And what’s with the outdated “now” photos?

    Other than that, lovely nostalgia.

  • They are all wonderful and great artists and pretty hot sure.

  • KCbus

    I’m glad someone else other than me finally went with a Beverley Mitchell reference. I always thought she was the hottest of the Camden clan.

  • i like how your “now” pictures are from 8-10 years ago.

    way to use the internet, dummies.

  • Raven

    you know you should look up Ruthie (seventh heaven) it was the youngest girl of the kids but Whoa has she grown up she is probably about 17 or 18 now….

  • Tim

    Hilary from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

  • White Women FTW

    ALL of these women you listed, I had major crushes on! You sir, have good taste!

    However, for me, I LOVE Jennie Garth the most.
    Holy crap, that second picture of Katie Holmes *jaws drop*!!!

  • Darthschwartz

    Marla Sokoloff (full house)
    Marnette Patterson (camp nowhere)
    jessica alba (flipper)

  • Frank the Tank

    I’m laughing. The girls I had crushes on were on TV in the 60’s and believe me, I knew what they looked like in the 80’s. So I guess I did this drill thirty years ago.
    One exception. Jennifer Anniston. It doesn’t matter how old you are, she was and is crushable.

  • Anthrax69

    So what about Michelle Williams she played the more out going Jen lindley i thought she was hotter than katie holmes personally . and what about Angela Watson from step by step or Christine Lakin Also from step by step . come on bro u gotta do a reprise of ur little gallery man hit me up when u do

  • Nicholas Scarpinato

    If you think Amy Jo is classy, you haven’t seen her as “The Girl Who Can’t Say No” in Interstate 60… Holy hell. lol.

    Just to prove my point… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Crj6ET50LBw

    • Brad N

      interstate 60… great movie Nicholas..

  • Sam

    Who is the first picture? I don’t recognize her and she is left unnamed. Critics are a bit tough on this one… Yes some of the pictures are a bit outdated get over it or make your own site?

  • sdfghs

    nie ogarniam tych seriali ale dupy niezłe, zwłaszcza ta z kijem i piłką, po latach oczywiście, mineta do białej kości z gwarancją na 5 lat

  • Shiki

    Lol Sam!! We could rumble on about the list and name every girl we ever saw on TV as kids/teens and had a crush, it was like that for me :-). But the fact is that these girls here are hot and if I had 4 hands I would give them all 4 thumbs up.

  • Topanga :)!

    this will scare you. it scares me. but i think topanga was hotter then, instead of now.

  • It was the first Pink Ranger who got naked (Kimberly Hart), not Amy Jo.

    • Brad N

      Amy Jo was the first Pink Ranger… what decade where you born in??

  • bonz

    isn’t Larisa Oleynik the alex mack

  • no

    Yeah, I grew up on the 80s and 90s, too, and I don’t have a clue who about two thirds of these people are. You watched way too much mother fucking television.

  • sal

    what about nina(megan good) from cousin skeeter?

  • bjklh


    Kimberly Hart was the name of the character played by Amy Jo on MMPR.

  • Maddy

    The Cosby Show – Lisa Bonet

  • Ben

    @ O the redhead you were talking about was Nikki Cox and the name of the show was Unhappily Ever After. Hit the road jack was the theme song for that show. Nikki Cox was so smoking on that show and looked better on that show then she does now. She had some f’ed up plastic surgery that ruined her face.

  • plastic

    before nip tuck

  • Erik N

    I never saw the live action Power Rangers as a kid but I have to say it, the girl that played her looks almost exactly like Natalie Portman…

  • Luke D

    I really enjoy seeing Beverly Mitchell on this list! She was my favorite Camden and always will be! However I’m disappointed not so see Christy Carlson Romano from Even Stevens, Anneliese Van Der Pol from That’s so Raven, and Tania Raymonde from Malcolm In The Middle and most recently Lost!

  • fuzziman

    Sorry but i have a copy of the playboy issue with amy joe johnson in it

  • Brad N

    Im not gonna jump in like the average (i don’t think before i speak) interwebber., so ill just ask the question based off the question this (guy)? commenting on Winnie Cooper., didn’t think she was always hot?? whats that about? anywho with Danica Mckellar “are you kidding me?” was that a (why do people think she’s hot, are you kidding me?) or a (this is a no brainer she’s hot are you kidding me)?