A Gallery of Pitch Perfect Daria Cosplay

  • Love it!

  • Ed

    Recently started re-watching this! Definitely love it!

  • Straenge

    Hmm, maybe I am alone on this but I keep feeling like the ladies should switch clothes and wigs and then it would be more accurate. Otherwise they did a great job.

  • Tim

    Paul I owe you an apology. I’ve hated on Cosplay almost religiously on this site. And with the blink of an eye I have seen the error of my ways. It all boils down to seeing people dressed up as something you love. This is it. Just plain awesome.

    Foot in mouth.

  • defeated

    would of been awesome if she was in gym clothes with her hand out haha

  • Charlie

    “Trent” didn’t get the hair right.

  • Outstanding! Now I’ll have to find my stash of old episodes.