A Gallery of Futurama Like You’ve Never Seen it Before


Recently I’ve just started to get into Futurama, just in time for it’s back-from-the-dead sixth season. And since I tend to write about anything that I’m currently doing media-wise, here we are, with this pretty rockin’ gallery of Futurama art.

Some is from fans, others from pros, but all of it is pretty damn cool. Check it out below, and submit any you think I might have missed.

As for the show itself? I’m on season two right now, and I have to say I like it. I’ve only seen it sporadically in the past, but it’s nice to have an animated show to get into these days, as I’ve long since tired of The Simpsons and Family Guy. It’s similar humor, but I think the show is really subtle and smart when it wants to be. I’m enjoying it, though it’s not really the kind of show where you should watch like 10 episodes in a row like I usually tend to do.

(click on any of the pictures here to enlarge them)












[thanks to DeviantArt for many of these]

  • J5

    The Professor as Ruby Rod is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

    I wonder if he’d have the Chris Tucker scream….

  • Rich

    Why not Leela as Leeloo? Heck it’s almost the same name! Leela…Leeloo…La Li Lu Le Lo (no wait, that’s something else…!)

    Though Amy does look good!

  • Colin

    If you’re wanting a good cartoon to write about do some South Park when it comes back on. Or just start from Season 1.

  • jaromir

    Yeah I’m glad “Futurama” is back! Very original show, I tend to find that people who are into sci-fi appreciate the humor a bit more. Also you said you’re watching season 1, by the time you get to mid season 2 and onwards the episodes, imo, tend to become more thought provoking…..some which come to mind are “The Sting”, “The Luck of the Fryrish” and “Godfellas”, of course their are many more but you get what I mean.

    One more thing; if you want another cartoon to watch that is original, then I totally suggest “Venture Bros.”

    As for “Family Guy” and the other two shows that are exactly like it, I can’t help but feel like Eric Cartman towards those types of shows.


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  • mike

    When you get to the fourth season of the show, the episode Jurassic Bark is gunna make you cry. No matter what.

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