A Few Questions for The Walking Dead

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Walking Dead, and enjoyed last night’s premiere, but a few nagging questions kept popping into my head while watching that perhaps you could help me out with.

– Can you leave voicemails on walkie talkies?

– How do five dozen lumbering zombies sneak up on you on an open stretch of freeway?

– Why are all these dead people sitting in their cars? Did they starve to death waiting for traffic to clear up?

– Zombies can swallow woodchuck skulls whole?

– Are reindeer commonly found in the forests of Georgia?

So yeah, I’m not officially reviewing this show, but I’m open to talking about it a bit from time to time. Outside of the above questions, I liked the episode. I think it’s good they cut the group down to the bare essential members, as things were overcrowded before. Is anyone’s favorite character NOT Daryl? I mean seriously.

Ways to improve? Rick is played by Andrew Lincoln, a British actor who I feel goes a bit over the top with the whole cowboy thing sometimes, and it was particularly noticeable in his two monologues to the walkie talkie and Jesus this episode. He’s got to tone it down a bit.

I’m more in love with the concept and execution of this show (surviving and navigating a zombie apocalypse), than I am with the characters, most of whom are intensely dislikable with few exceptions. That said, it’s enjoyable enough to look forward to every week, and even with all the staff changes and budget cuts to the show, I’m looking forward to seeing how a full season plays out.


  • Ed

    Excellent questions, the first, third and fourth questions also came up when I was watching. But the first one still is eating away at me. Scriptwriters went on a very long break, think their brains have atrophied.

  • sean

    – Can you leave voicemails on walkie talkies?
    No. Rick agreed with the black guy from episode 1 to broadcast a message to him at dawn until the walkie talkies died or they left atlanta. Hoping he would hear it. But he kind of uses it as a talk therapy for himself in this episode (and a means of exposition for the audience).

    – How do five dozen lumbering zombies sneak up on you on an open stretch of freeway?
    They move as a herd now, and the group couldn’t see beyond the cars. They were also busy for hours scavenging around for supplies while Dale kept lookout.

    – Why are all these dead people sitting in their cars? Did they starve to death waiting for traffic to clear up?
    They asked this on the “talking dead” show after the episode. They didn’t come up with a clear answer, but the people are apparently dead but not walking dead.

    – Zombies can swallow woodchuck skulls whole?
    Lol I don’t know, but I doubt they have a gag reflex lol.

    – Are reindeer commonly found in the forests of Georgia?
    That was a buck, not a reindeer.

  • Connorp23

    Maybe im remembering wrong, but in the series premier didn’t Rick make some rule with Morgan about a time to listen to the walkie talkie? I might be stretching a little here. As for the zombies sneaking up, it was my conclusion that they were blocked by the overturned truck they had to pass. Big fan of the show here so im probably justifying these questions more for myself than anyone else lol

  • @sean

    Those were some fuzzy round antlers for a buck.

  • Lol, obviously not from the south. Deers shed their antlers often and they grow back fuzzy. This sheds off too and they look like you’re used to most of the time. It was a deer. 🙂

    Maybe the people in cars were turned while in seatbelts and starved before they could get out?

    Do zombies starve?

  • sean

    thats how all antlers look when they’re growing. theyre covered with a living tissue referred to as “velvet” but eventually it gets rubbed off.


  • @sean

    Damn, you have schooled me with your knowledge of adolescent deer.

  • lc

    My thoughts exactly. I have never seen a more tame deer.

  • Gabriel

    I’m thinking the ones in the cars are kind of like the people being executed in the hospital during the flashback. They were just killing them because of possible infection maybe?

    Also, if you noticed during the herd part, the zombies actually came from the direction that they originally drove from. So Paul has a point because how did they not see them. And yes, Daryl is the most badass of them all. They would have long died if it wasn’t for him.

    Lastly, I like how you can slice open an arm, lose 2 pints of blood, and tie it off with a shirt and everything is better lol

  • cutter

    DARRYL! I love Darryl now.

  • bud the chud

    Maybe the people in the cars died waiting for the zombies surrounding their cars to go away. Then when they died the zombies lost interest and left.

  • sean


    lol it’s ok. i had my own questions. did you watch that “Talking Dead” thing with Chris Hardwick after the show? They asked a few things themselves that didn’t make sense, and they got to ask Kirkman himself, the creator of the graphic novel series. He’s supposed to be on the talking dead panel next week.

    My friend and I wondered how Tdog lost so much blood and seemed fine. I was half expecting Darryl to lift the corpse off his hidden body and find that Tdog had bled out and died during those few minutes.

  • Bigdog

    About T-Dog,

    I was sure he was going to die. 100% sure when Darryl oved the corpse, t-dog woudl be turned. My lady even turned to me (being a surgical nurse) and said: That much blood lost, he’s gone.

    But with the girl-missing thing I didn’t even pay much mind to that inconsistency. It wasn’t egregious. Although, I agree the whole praying to God thing was a bit drawn out since it happened twice. With commercials it felt like an eternity.

    On that subject: mm I the only one that felt like there were a lot more commercials than usual? It didn’t feel like so many of them last year.

  • elia

    Won’t they get infected if blood gets in their mouth or in tdogs case, a gaping wound?

  • Josh

    I’ve got another question for you. What’s the point of forming a search party if everyone is going to march in a single file line?

  • Draugr


    This episode, with credits and ‘previously on stuff,’ and not including commercials was actually a little over over an hour. So while there were probably more commercials there was also more show, about 15-18 minutes more.

    They hired new writers for the show this season, and it seems to have improved imo, but obviously they still suffer from questionable things happening during an episode.

  • trashcanman

    Season 1 was awesome. This premiere was a massive dose of WTF. Seriously. No wonder Darabont quit. On at least 3-4 occasions, I literally though “what the fuck were the writers thinking? Jesus, all they had to do was keep it in step with the comic and it would be amazing. But now they want to turn it into some moronic soap opera where you actively WANT the characters to die. All of the deaths in the comic were tragic. The characters are/were all great. In this one, not only are they refusing to kill major characters, they are turning all of them into insufferable morons. After that massive fucking zombie horde walks through the traffic jam, you let your child wander around alone looting corpses? You send a little girl off running through the woods by herself while you run half a mile out to club two zombies with rocks? Were there no rocks right there? Why not tell her to stay put? Idiots. In one episode, they literally blew this entire series all to shit. It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen a show fuck up so much so fast after such a strong start. If they’ve fallen this far this fast, I really don’t see this show regaining it’s footing.

  • Gogo Bananas

    If you’ve read the comic series there’s a pretty large arc involving Rick and a telephone. The walkie-talkie bit actually struck me as being a nice foreshadow of the telephone bit, if the show makes it that far and the character gets the opportunity to degenerate.

  • Steve

    I thought the zombies were coming from the direction the group was heading towards. NOT the zombies from town kept following them. Simply because, if the zombies are going the same direction as the group, why would they try to repair the cars and catch up to the horde later?

    As for the deer/buck/whatever everyone can agree to call it, anyone here seen the science show “Life after people”? They said that eventually the boundaries that animals don’t cross (no lions, tigers and bears are running through the streets of NYC right?) would eventually disappear. There’d eventually be no distinct areas that only certain animals live in. Now, I’m not sure how long the zombies have been around in this universe, nor am I familiar with the state of Georgia, but is it possible that deer/bucks from parts of the US that DO have them that are close to Georgia would make their way there?

  • Sheriff Bart

    I love the Daryl character. Unfortunately he and T-Dogg were never characters in the comic, so every time I see them it bugs the shit out of me. Also the fact that Shane is still alive. That bugs me too, but I can understand that the idea of an eight year old boy shooting a man in the throat probably made the boys and girls over at S&P pee themselves a little.
    And yes, that highway scene had me scratching my head a little.
    All in all I’m very excited, but if Daryl’s brother comes back as some sort of villain, I’m going to be hugely pissed.

  • Piratey

    Sheriff, my first thought with Daryl’s brother was that he’d come back as the governor, which Kirkman squelched thankfully. Notice they didn’t write Ben and Billy into the show? That avoided a whole lot of child on child murder with that one. I am very curious to see if they even cover that arc, while it was the best of the comics, I think it’s too much for a cable network to air

  • LEM

    1. He’s not leaving messages they had an agreed upon time that they would communicate. Whether or not the message is being heard is unknown at this time.
    2. I assumed most of the zombies were in some of the cars they had passed or were lumbering around after leaving cars.
    3. I think some people may have killed themselves and others may have been killed in accidents or even from zombies.
    4. I think swallowing as a zombie and swallowing as a normal person probably are very different as far as choking and dying are concerned.
    5. Maybe he escaped from Santas village in Georgia but other than that yeah that made no sense.

    My questions would be :
    1.why is it that the zombie herd didn’t smell them like they did in season one?
    2.Why would Shane be hung up on his friends wife when he has a hot blonde right there?
    3.How the hell did T dog not die after bleeding like a gallon of blood and then is just patched up and fine a minute later?
    4. Why are they so attached to that RV? the keys should be in most of those cars so just jump from one to another like in Zombieland or find an RV dealership.

  • Yautja

    The Walking Dead really stopped making sense past the 3rd episode of the first season. Everything up until Rick getting back to his family was pure zombie gold. Everything after that…well….

  • Landen

    the comic book lore i guess you could call it is that the zombies travel in waves or hoards at times.

    where zombies simply follow eachother, or when they cluster up and follow the same noise, and then they just keep walking.

    hoards being when this happens to a point where there are an insane amount of them.

    in the show the only way i can explain what happened was they were driving and zombies poked out of the bushes or from buildings as they drove by and just started walking. accumulating a group and when they lost sight of the vehicles they just kept going.

    the skull, i guess it could have been he bit the head off and everything just went right down into the stomach.

    everyone else has beaten to deatht the other questions though

  • Landen

    @sheriff bart

    I am thinking he may become integral to the storyline revolving around the prison, mybe he found the town with “the admiral” or whatever his name is and hs become friends rather than victim to them.

    other than that i really dont see him coming back and being any sort of friendly.

  • Diego

    I just wanna say 2 things:

    1) Kill that old dude. I hate him. He is the worst actor by far.
    2) I really liked this episode. It seems they will go deeper into each character life. It seemed more mature.


  • JohnC

    “I’m more in love with the concept and execution of this show (surviving and navigating a zombie apocalypse), than I am with the characters”

    And that is why this show is complete drivel in comparison to the source material.
    The books far and away make you root for a wide selection of characters, only to kill them shortly thereafter in a way that is internally consistent. The only one person in the series with a “hero character shield” is Rick, and he still ends up getting mangled horribly relatively early in the series.
    The zombies were/are just a backdrop for a tale of mortality (and the horror that entails), as well as morality in a crisis.
    The only thing this show has going for it is the “novel” premise.

    “1.why is it that the zombie herd didn’t smell them like they did in season one?
    2.Why would Shane be hung up on his friends wife when he has a hot blonde right there?
    3.How the hell did T dog not die after bleeding like a gallon of blood and then is just patched up and fine a minute later?
    4. Why are they so attached to that RV? the keys should be in most of those cars so just jump from one to another like in Zombieland or find an RV dealership.”

    2&4 are major plot points in the comic series. With that said, its’ obvious that the producers of the show are just trying to cash in from the comic book fandom, even if it defies the internal logic of the show.

    If you like the show and want to continue watching, whatever you do, don’t read the books.
    You’ll find the TV series laughable if you choose to read them.

  • Kristoph

    Another thing I’m not sure anyone else noticed but the Walkers are meant to have really good smell remember..

    Yet they walked right past them under the car.. that’s the first thing I noticed anyway..

  • Nefarious

    To me the walkers are just like any other human being when it comes to senses and not some super powered undead creature. With that in mind, I would assume if a normal human couldn’t smell them while walking pass the cars than the walkers wouldn’t be able to.

  • Lucky

    “1.why is it that the zombie herd didn’t smell them like they did in season one?”

    When this is gone over early in the show it is contingent on the fact that the characters are seen. They’re shown hiding around corners and such often enough and yet they remain undetected; so the scent issue was just something in regards to maintaining camouflage when openly moving within view of the walkers.

    Other than that, several months have passed since the initial outbreak; perhaps the zombies are beginning to truly decay and their faculties are fading? That could explain the bodies in the cars as well. Once zombified they didn’t have the mental agency to get themselves unbuckled and out of the cars (doors that can’t simply be broken through have shown to be troublesome for the walkers). Unable to get out of the car, those walkers starved and ceased to hold the spark of undeath.

  • Sheriff Bart

    @Landen & Piratey

    I was afraid Merle would become AMC’s version of The Governor and that would just suck. I think Michael Rooker was wasted on Merle’s character. How great would he be as Abraham? Sure they’d have to tape some hair on his head, but just picture it.

    And I completely missed out that Ben and Billy were written out of the series. I’m a bad TWD fan.

  • Jenny B

    I absolutely love TWD, comics and tv show alike however there is one thing that bothers me. I know in the comics, the zombies are more your typical slow moving zombies that shuffle around while you run past them. In the show, obviously they’re a little more fast paced which I’m okay with. Thing that bothers me is I feel like the writers choose when and where to make the zombies run which leads to inconsistencies. *SPOILER AHEAD* Like for instance in the first episode of season 1, the zombies on the bus see Rick on the horse and saunter off to start making their way over to him. However, when Rick comes around the corner to see 100+ zombies just hanging around, they see him and start almost sprinting after him. Anyone got an explanation?

  • Paultera

    My question is, as cool as he looks on it, isn’t a motorcycle the worst vehicle you could possibly choose? You’d attract zombies everywhere you went.

  • is the zombie virus worldwide or just in Atlanta?

  • Ted

    I have watched the first season and am about to embark on season 2. I had hoped that the season finale TS-19 would explain a bit more about the Walkers but in the end the information only raised more questions. One can debate some of the character flaws, ie: Rick and Shane seemingly have forgotten all of their police training, or specific actions, ie: once the Walker was found feeding on the deer that Daryl had killed wasn’t that a clue that the Walkers were leaving Atlanta in search of food, let alone maintaining a camp that is located with Atlanta in sight which both would have suggested that a bit more distance was necessary. However the one issue that drives me to distraction with the Walkers is how do they survive?

    It is good to see that they eat rats/horses/deer as well as people but those food sources are LONG gone. So how do they survive? We know how their brains reactivate and work but that does not diminish their need for calories. Dr. Jenner indicates that the outbreak is 180 days old and while there would have been easy pickings for the Walkers at first by now they would be starving, (seemingly they do not eat other).

    Is there something in the comic to suggest why they can survive without food?