A Few Late Costume Additions

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So yes, it’s a few days after Halloween, but in the time since, more costumes have trickled out onto the internet and/or my inbox, and I just thought I’d share a few of my favorites I didn’t get a chance to post in my grand gallery post the other day.

I always appreciate a good Firefly reference, so this Jayne Cobb costume is thoroughly awesome in my book, even if 99% of the people this guy ran into didn’t understand it. Dhalsim is pretty excellent as well, as we always seen Ryu and Kens but never so much the stetchy yogi strolling around during Halloween.

But my favorite has to be the pretty lass in the middle who actually went as Sexy Photoshop. Who the hell thought that was even possible? But she did it well, right down the Mac color wheel hair accessory. This wins the most outside the box award for sure.

See you next Halloween!

  • Guy Incognito
  • Yep, I had that one in my other album, found it on Reddit.

    Don’t get me started on The Chive. It’s one thing to take photos from other places without credit, it’s another entirely to add your own text to pretend your “readers” snapped and sent you the photos.

  • Guy Incognito

    Ya the Chive is all about that. If you want to make it look like the readers sent it in, at least don’t use the same font every time. Also one picture seems to get into 5 different posts every week to make it look like there’s more than there really is. Still, they do have some good galleries.

  • wyan

    Ironically, the photoshop girl picture appears to have red eye.