A Family Portrait of the 31st Century


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Behold, every Futurama character in one image you could possibly want to see. I’m sure some of you can name them all, but I sure as hell can’t, because I’m only on episode six, after staring to watch the series this week.

I was inspired by the fact that I heard somehow the show had come back to life, and the first new episode in years premiered last night. I figure any show with that rabid of a fanbase to literally bring it back from the grave years after the fact, it’s got to be pretty good. Did anyone catch it last night? How was the return?

I like the show so far, it’s a change of pace from The Simpsons, as the futuristic setting spawns a different kind of humor. I don’t think it’s a show that’s meant to be watched in large clumps all in a row though, and I’m already starting to get fatigued from season one. I think I just need to spread them out more, and watch them casually.

Buuuut one more while I’m thinking about it.

  • Madison

    Very simply, Futurama is a show by nerds, for nerds. It’s great.

  • J5

    I may be a little out of sorts here because I’m not stoned…..but where is fry? Or Kiff? Why is Hermes hair a different color (same with leila, unless the bobble head chick is supposed to be her)?

  • J5

    Wait, found the real hermes…..carry on.

  • JapJay

    Those weird versions of characters are from the alternate universe boxes episode. On a quick pass, I didnt see the versions with no eyes though.

  • J5

    There’s one eyeless hermes behind the fender robot.

  • Grant

    Where’s Santa? He’s my favorite character!

  • Zeeky


  • Tournament of Noses

    No normal universe Fry, Leela, Farnsworth, or Amy; no B universe Bender, Amy, or Fry; the eyeless versions of all but Hermes are missing. Many robots are missing including, The First Robot Capable of Qualifying for a Boat Loan, Sport-Utility Robot, and The Crushinator. To name a few.

  • Jutsy

    Just starting to watch the show? What? Are you sure you’re qualified to be on the internet? It’s people like you who got the show cancelled in the first place.

    Sons of Dis.

    Hee haw.