A Collection of Great Geek T-Shirts from WinterArtwork

Running as geeky of a site as I do, I get approached all the time to plug various “nerd” t-shirt brands, and as you’ve seen, that’s not something I ever do. Most I’ve found I would never actually wear out in public.

But today, I stumbled across a t-shirt vendor that I’m actually featuring with no promise of reward, just because I think they’re that damn cool.

WinterArtwork’s Game of Thrones team shirts were the first to catch my eye, but when I checked out the rest of the store that had some other designs that might be best described as “shiny.” If you get that reference, then this is the store for you.

Check out a bunch of his other designs below, all are available at the shop here, and if you pick one up, tell him we sent you!

Update: Alright, so to put my money where my mouth is, I literally just bought that Direwolf shirt. It was just too cool to pass up.

  • Luke

    Definitely going to try to talk my wife into getting me the Jayne shirt… and possibly make me the hat.

  • Bert

    That Greendale one is priceless.

  • Simon

    Lots of these are good, the Direwolves one is by far the best Game of Thrones one though – would it be clear what the Lion, Stag and Dragon are about?

  • supernoob

    21 and scorpion are total win.