A Breakdown of The Walking Dead’s Midseason Finale

Alright, well after watching last night’s The Walking Dead, I can’t really go without discussing it here. Yes, I normally review Dexter only, but The Walking Dead has turned into the far better show this year. Last night’s (ugh) mid-season finale was exceptionally gripping, and worth talking about.

I won’t do an official review, but I thought I’d got through most of the major characters and discuss a little bit about where they’re at after last night, and where they might be going. Follow along below:

Tyrese – At long, long last Tyrese from the comic has made an appearance with at least some semblance of his group. Tyrese is a huge part of the early portion of the comic (I’m attempting to follow along with the show, not reading ahead, but it’s so dissimilar now that it’s hard), and it’s great to see him finally show up. I love that he’s played by Cutty from The Wire who looks the part to perfection. He’s brought his daughter along, and a father and son to boot I believe. Look for him to be a big factor in coming episodes. Between him, Rick, Daryl and Michonne, we’re almost overloading on badasses now.

Rick – There wasn’t too much to say about Rick this episode, as the focus was off of him and on other characters. The moment where he thinks he saw Shane shooting at him was chilling, and for half a second I thought about whether it could have been real. Did they actually bring the actor back for that, or was it just CGI?

Carl – Back at home, Carl is stepping up to be the man of the hour, singlehandedly running through the prison to find Tyrese and his gang. He also had the good sense to lock up Tyrese and his group in case they were a threat. Did you notice how Tyrese called him a “man” and that this is “his house.” Respect.

Underage Girl – I still don’t know her name, but I thought she was at least like 22. But really, Luna Lovegood is 17. And Carl is what, like 13? That’s not so much of an age gap in a few more years.

Pedo-guy – Don’t  know his name either, but he was hitting on her pretty hard and being a high level creep. Maybe he’s in jail for something other than what he said? His interaction with both her and Carol felt straight out of the comic, where sex is a lot more prevalent than on the show.

Black prison guy – Someone had to die in that raid, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be one of the main characters. Sad to see the new black guy be expendable within like two episodes, but now Tyrese has replaced him. And he’ll stick around longer. Pedo-guy is now the only surviving prisoner, but if I had to guess, I think that won’t be the case for long.

Daryl and Merle – I thought there was going to be some drama based around whether Daryl joined up with Merle or stayed loyal to his group, bu the way the show’s been set up, I don’t see that happening now. The Governor sold out Merle for reasons I don’t quite understand, so now it’s forced them on the same side. Why did he frame one of his best soldiers? What does he get out of that? Perhaps he needed a scapegoat for the night, but it didn’t seem like a very wise move. For a very brief moment, I thought he’d force Merle to execute his brother to prove his loyalty, but judging by the “coming up on The Walking Dead” scenes it’s clear both of them survive the lynching in Woodbury. UPDATE: OK, he betrayed Merle because Michonne wasn’t actually dead. I get it now.

The Governor – Now with badass eyepatch. The fight with Michonne was excellent, and her killing his zombie daughter was almost as gratifying as it would be if she actually killed him. Again, I don’t know why the Governor sold out Merle, but now war is declared on the prison group. What I don’t  understand about Woodbury is what happens after the Governor inevitably dies. There are like 70 people that live there. Only 10 or so are the Governor’s armed guards who do shady shit for him. What happens to the other 60 innocents once he’s deposed? Rick’s group certainly can’t take them on. I predict a conveniently timed zombie massacre.

Andrea – Jesus Christ Andrea! That’s what I was yelling the entire time at her, the one character left completely in the dark. Both Woodbury and the prison gang know nearly everything about the situation with each other, but Andrea  is the only one that doesn’t know much of anything at all. She probably put some of it together when Daryl was brought out, but JESUS CHRIST ANDREA! Get your shit together!

Michonne – …

Welp, see you in February I guess. Better than waiting a full year, but still an annoying gap.