A Blast from the Past: 10 Hilarious Super Dave Osborne Stunts


I’m a big fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a lot of that has to do with the great cast.  Larry David kills me, Jeff Garlin is a funny guy, and Susie Essmanis better than anyone at screaming and cursing at people.  Bob Einstein stands out in particular, though, and it’s not just because he’s hilarious as Marty Funkhouser. I associate Einstein with The Super Dave Osborne Show, a variety show where Einstein played Super Dave, a stuntman whose stunts always seemed to go disastrously wrong.  I remember it airing on Showtime when I was a little kid and me being giddy at the thought of Super Dave suffering a horrible injury.

It’s good to see Einstein’s still going strong on Curb, but let’s pay homage to a character so awesome that he’s been referenced in songs by both 2Pac and Ice Cube.  That’s street cred right there.  After the jump, enjoy 10 hilarious Super Dave Osborne “stunts.”  Fuji FTW!

Super Dave Jumps off the CN Tower in Toronto


Super Dave Takes on Mr. T


Super Dave Instructs on how to Avoid Being Bumped and Robbed


The James Bond Jump


Humanized Bullfighting


Super Dave’s Fast Food Restaurant


Super Dave Plays Three Little Pigs with Fuji


Super Dave Tries to Hit Doc Gooden


Super Dave Sings “9 to 5” (not technically a stunt, but…)


Super Dave’s Wheel of Good Fortune



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