7 Classic Works of Art Remade Simpsons Style


I’ve already talked about how I’m a fan of Family Guy over The Simpsons but by no means does that infer that I think The Simpsons is bad.  in fact one has to truly appreciate a show that can be in a primetime TV spot and eclipse the 450 episode mark.   It’s truly outstanding.

But it’s not just that.  It’s that the Simpsons have virtually created an entire media world all on it’s own.  I mean way back it was the Bart Simpson T-Shirts but it’s so much more.  With merchandise, DVD’s, games, you name, The Simpsons brand is a complete force in media.

And let’s not forget The Simpsons culture outside of marketing and business.  How about fan work?  Good God there’s gotta be at least 50 million pictures out there of people creating Simpsons stuff.  One of my favorite collections?

These are 7 famous works of art remade Simpsons style….

Edward Munch’s The Scream

Simpsons Art

Norman Rockwell’s Triple Self Portrait

Simpsons Art

Grant Woods’ American Gothic

Simpsons Art

Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe

Simpsons Art

Vincent Van Gogh’s Self Portrait

Simpsons Art

Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring

Simpsons Art

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Self Portrait

Simpsons Art

  • xXburekXx

    awsome i liked scream

  • Madison

    This show has been around forever, but for me, it got real, real good when the focus went away from Bart and onto Homer.

  • Nattyb

    Couldn’t agree more Madison.

  • ahchoo

    Man, i love this site, i really do. interesting reviews, articles and lists. BUT! plz, remove that damn WoW commercial, its way too much disturbing,

  • Nattyb

    Ahchoo, we’re working on it. Unfortunately that’s our backup ad fill so perhaps in a couple weeks it’ll be less. Gotta pay our server bills!

  • Bert

    This is great – the Van Gogh self-portrait sure looks a lot like Hobo Uncie Herb.

  • Bert

    Whoops, wrong hobo. I was thinking of the hobo from the episode where they’re on the boxcar.

    Too many hobos!

  • RobG

    These are sweet. But in no way has family guy got anything over simpsons, family guy has 3 great seasons and 2 good seasons (the rest are god awful). Simpsons pumped out at least 10 great seasons. Although, there has been a fair few crap seasons….. And that’s my token bitch comment.
    Personal favourite is the girl with a pearl earring. HAWT.

  • Jeff

    Ugh. You like Family Guy over The Simpsons. You didn’t know about the CLASSIC Twilight Zone Shatner episode. You’re losing me…

  • Nattyb

    @Jeff – Our site still rules. Cut me some slack.

  • Shannon

    Imply, not infer.

  • These are some true classics. Im sure this wasnt easy to draw up. Nice job!


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  • Orleanas

    Minute, but major to me. The word used should be “imply” not “infer.”