5 Ridiculous Andy Samberg Music Spoof Videos


I watched the movie Hot Rod for the first time the other day.  And while I understand that many people probably found it to be horrible, I loved it.  I think the random stuff that Andy Samberg comes up with brings me back to the days of Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore.  I mean who the hell thinks of a random drunk penguin?

I believe that Samberg has that same kind of wacky thought process that Sandler did.  And nothing is more random than Samberg’s spoof music videos.  Again, I think it takes a special kind of sense of humor to laugh at this stuff. But if you have it, these videos are nothing short of amazing. 

Here are 5 ridiculous Andy Samberg Music Spoof Videos (lots of NSFW Language)

Jizz in my Pants


Just hearing the phrase “Jizz in my Pants” is funny enough. But the beginning of the video actually has some serious vibe in it. When the twist comes, it’s incredible.

Lazy Sunday


Personally I think this is the video that put Samberg on the map. Him and Parnell are perfect. Everything about this song is right.

I’m on a Boat – T-Pain


If there was ever a spoof rap video that was done to perfection, this is the one. I just didn’t think there was anyone that could encapsulate what it’s like to make an over the top rap video all set on a boat and make fun of it. I was wrong.

The Ardy Party


No clue what this is but it’s amazing.

Space Olympics

Perhaps the most random video of them all. You’re a winner!


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