’30 Rock’ Gets 22 Emmy Nominations….Because Nothing Else is Funny

30 Rock

From The Envelope

Fey’s NBC comedy series, “30 Rock,” earned 22 Emmy nominations this morning, the most any comedy series has received in Emmy history. It earned nods for best comedy series, as well as best comedy actress for Fey and best comedy actor for Alec Baldwin. The show won best comedy series last year.

Is this really a surprise?  I’m taking absolutely nothing away from the show 30 Rock.  Nothing at all.  It’s a great show with excellent writing.   It’s witty.  It’s contemporary.  And it makes me laugh.   But when you really think about it, are there any other funny shows on television with the exception of Family Guy?  Exactly.

It’s like if Seinfeld were on TV right now going up against all these other shows and 30 Rock didn’t even exist.  I mean seriously.  What is 30 Rock’s competition in comedy?  The New Adventures of Old Christine?  And should we be surprised that a former Seinfeld cast member is the star of that show?

Again, congratulations to 30 Rock but seriously, there’s really nothing too funny on network TV these days.

  • Laura

    As I was reading this, I was trying to come up with another comedy that’s on that is actually “good” and I’m drawing a blank. 30 Rock is hilarious, and I’m glad that their audience is growing.

    Maybe The Office? But the last 2 seasons have been sub par, so I guess that doesn’t count really.

  • Ethan

    The Office. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Better Off Ted. Flight of the Conchords. Some people also think How I Met Your Mother is brilliant, although I’m not sure I see it. Family Guy is beyond lazy at this point, and 30 Rock tries too hard to be “wacky”.

    So there are shows out there. You just have to sort of watch them.

  • tootalufilms

    this is a fucking mess…its always sunny in phily is one of the funniest shows on tv, rescue me, THE VENTURE BROS is horribly underrated and i think the best written show on tv..entourage and curb your enthusiam also dont get noms? im asking because i dont know but curb is also one the best shows on tv..30 rock is getting all these fucking noms because of politcis..that show is fucking terrible, i dont think ive ever laughed while watching..the office is better then that show

  • Madison

    It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia is the funniest show on television. Period.

    Curb is probably up there, too, though.

    30 Rock isn’t better than those, but it is really good, and it’s nice to see that a quality show with clever writing is actually nominated. Family Guy? Please.

  • Josh

    I wish Better Off Ted would get more recognition. The show is genius.

  • Gajotres

    What about The Big Bang Theory

  • Madison

    @ Gajotres

    I’ve seena couple episodes of the Big Bang Theory and it’s pretty funny, actually. Definitely geared towards nerds, that’s for sure.

  • Tim

    I have to say, 30 Rock is an awesome show and, in my opinion deserves its 22 nominations. What makes 30 Rock a great comedy is its consistency in all areas: plots, characters, humor. But really Nattyb, you can’t say that the only two good comedies going around are 30 Rock and Family Guy. Family Guy is the complete opposite of 30 Rock, its plots are unimaginative, their characters are constantly inconsistent and unrealistic, and yeah it’s funny for a “fart joke” kind of comedy. What I want to know is where’s the credit for The Office or Flight of the Concords? You can’t post an article like this without giving credit to other nominees, or at least explaining why the others aren’t deserving of their nomination (assuming you have actually watched them before)!

  • Madison

    @ Tim

    Yup. Family Guy is about as lazy as it gets.

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  • Jeron

    It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is the most underrated show as far as Emmy nominations go.30 Rock has too much going on every episode,juggling stories between Tina Fey,Alec Baldwin,Tracy Morgan,and all the other characters.it seems that 30 minutes is too short for that show.It just doesn’t feel right to me.Sunny is near perfect and definitely needs its recognition.

  • Eliza

    Parks and Recreation, Chuck, pretty much the whole [adultswim] roster, Community…I really liked Party Down, but maybe because I’ve done that job. I fully agree that 30 stands head & shoulders above everything else, but there are a few gems.

    Also Family Guy has totally lost me. (I think is was the Joaquin Phoenix joke a while back, it seemed really mean, in a bully sort of a way.)

    Doea Men Of A Certain Age count? I’m really enjoying that, as well as the new Kids In The Hall (Oh god I love that so much….)