’30 Rock’ Gets 22 Emmy Nominations….Because Nothing Else is Funny

30 Rock

From The Envelope

Fey’s NBC comedy series, “30 Rock,” earned 22 Emmy nominations this morning, the most any comedy series has received in Emmy history. It earned nods for best comedy series, as well as best comedy actress for Fey and best comedy actor for Alec Baldwin. The show won best comedy series last year.

Is this really a surprise?  I’m taking absolutely nothing away from the show 30 Rock.  Nothing at all.  It’s a great show with excellent writing.   It’s witty.  It’s contemporary.  And it makes me laugh.   But when you really think about it, are there any other funny shows on television with the exception of Family Guy?  Exactly.

It’s like if Seinfeld were on TV right now going up against all these other shows and 30 Rock didn’t even exist.  I mean seriously.  What is 30 Rock’s competition in comedy?  The New Adventures of Old Christine?  And should we be surprised that a former Seinfeld cast member is the star of that show?

Again, congratulations to 30 Rock but seriously, there’s really nothing too funny on network TV these days.


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