Man, the Cast of 24 Has Some Pretty High Turnover


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So this is the cast photo for the next season of 24, and it goes to show you just how many damn people die on this show. The only person remotely resembling a regular besides Jack is Chloe, and the rest are brand-new, or pretty new faces. Let’s go through them.

John Boyd – No idea whatsoever, never heard of him

Katee Sackoff – Yes, Starbuck is coming to 24. I forget her role, but just her presence is awesome enough.

Mykelti Williamson – This is a new character right? I recognize that name, but I don’t remember him from previous seasons.

Mary Lynn Rakskub – Good ‘ol Chloe. She was great on Always Sunny this year.

Freddie Prinze Jr. – Playing an agent who idolizes Jack Bauer. I’ll give him a chance, even after seeing Summer Catch.

Annie Wersching – SO HOT. Maybe her and Jack will finally get it together. And then of course she has to die.

Anil Kapoor – The new president, because they already did a black president before Obama and they’re trying to be a head of the curve. I forget what this guy’s role was in the show before. He has shown up previously right?

Cherry Jones – I didn’t really care for Ms. Jones as our “mother-type” president last season, but I guess she’s back doing something.

Chris Diamantopoulos – No idea, seems like a bad guy to me. I never want to have to spell his name again.

And this season takes place in the Big Apple. A welcome change from DC/LA which we do EVERY YEAR. So someone’s going to blow up the UN?

Even though most say the show is running out of steam, I am looking forward to the next installment. However, I think they need to cut it out with the 24 episode seasons. It’s just way too much, and it forces them to cram too many events into one day to the point where it looks ridiculous. Cut it back to 16 or 12 and you’ll have a much more cohesive season. Just my thoughts.


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