15 Facts You Might Not Know About Game of Thrones

As you may or may not know, we’re pretty big fans of Game of Thrones.   Honestly I think all you really need to see is Joffrey get slapped in the face and you’ll be hooked.   In all seriousness though, few shows come around that have the quality and aesthetic that this show does.

There’s not enough you can say about Peter Dinklage.  But there’s also not enough you can say about the way the show moves, portrays a time period in a unique but also seemingly accurate way right down to the clothing, trees, and rust on s sword.   It’s simply brilliant.

But there might be things you don’t even know about the show!   Things we were surprised by.  Check them out after the jump…

  • tonyctitan

    So did these facts come from the dvd special features or hbo go?

  • Matt

    Someone could have at least proofread these before posting on here. I mean, Christ, is a complete sentence too much to ask?

  • Sara C.

    I didn’t know Alfie Allen’s name before today. That’s hilarious that her song is about him. It’s all about how he sleeps late, gets high, plays video games all the time, and can’t get a job.

    This bodes well for me—I can’t wait to be famous and work on some awesome HBO show.

  • Drose

    As much as they were interesting they do sound like they were typed out by someone who doesn’t have a firm grasp on the English language. “Book are too grown up for young girl.” Durr.

  • trashcanman

    Well, if numbnuts has the rest of the series all planned out, why the fuck doesn’t he go about WRITING IT if he’s afraid of dying before he finishes? How weird would it be to have to have the tv show finish the series?

  • Emmet

    I saw these on 9gag, they could have been made by someone on there.

  • anon

    @Matt Don’t get me started on proof reading and complete sentences.. *glares at Paul*

  • John Moser

    I don’t know why Martin needed to tell the producers how the story ends. They could just make it up as they go along, like they are doing now. I spend most of an episode cringing in anticipation of whatever plot distortion is next.

  • Charlie Ward

    Of all the lazy. . .FIX THESE!!! The trashy ads about Emma Watson’s “BIG SECRET!” or whatever make this site look bad enough, but reposting such obviously flawed content that you could’ve EASILY fixed is just. . .it’s just. . .I don’t know. I don’t get you, Unreality.

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  • Rob

    Writers can’t spend all their time writing, you know. I’d rather wait 5 years for a quality work than 1 year for a rushed mess. GRRM is not your bitch.