14 Ways Hannah McKay Could Have Disguised Herself on Dexter


Yvonne Strahovski is hot. That’s great for her, for getting acting jobs, and great for Dexter, as she brightens up the screen whenever she appears. The problem is that she’s a little too hot. As in, she’s supposed to be playing an internationally wanted fugitive on the show, and shows up in Miami, the #1 spot she was hunted, with her appearance completely unchanged. Like, not even so much as a haircut.

This has bothered me for a while now on the show, but only recently became a pressing issue. In the last episode, Harrison had the world’s most infomercial-like treadmill accident, forcing Hannah to rush him to the hospital. When she did so, did she bother putting a hat on? Sunglasses? Anything?  No, and so the hospital attendant did indeed recognize the world’s hottest wanted criminal and the police are now about to break down her door as a result.

It’s terrible writing that she wouldn’t take any steps to change her appearence, and now it’s practically the sole reason for the biggest plot development this season. I’ve taken the liberty of photoshopping ways Hannah might have avoided getting caught by not looking exactly like herself out in public. Check them out below:

Hoodie Hannah


Hat Hannah


 Top Gun Hannah


 Ginger Hannah


Hipster Hannah


 Russian Spy Hannah


 Flu Mask Hannah


Pirate Hannah


 Hannah Tyson


 Omar Hannah


Duck Dynasty Hannah


Juggalo Hannah


“Not the Serial Killer You’re Looking For” Hannah


Ultimate Stealth Hannah



  • Saul

    I’d be careful about putting these on your site. Juggalo Hannah might make an appearance in some final act twist.

  • Mojo

    What about Mass Effect Hanna/Miranda?

  • Ugo Strange

    I’m gonna go with Hipster Hannah, everything else is so mainstream.

  • shri

    a lots of more or less little things annoy me in the lasts seasons of Dexter, but Hannah moving all around Miami without changing her appearance even a little bit is the most baffling one for me! How could possibly neither Hannah, Dexter or even Debra think about it!

    moreover, I played the whole mass effect 2 game without recognising her as Miranda Lawson, so darker hairs would have been enough for my suspension of belief to be ok with the fact that nobody would recognising her.

    • Like even if she got recognized through her sunglasses or hat, fine, but at least MAKE THE EFFORT.

  • J. Morales

    Bravo sir, bravo. Very well done. I have to say that I especially love the last two, not suspicious AT ALL. No sir! 🙂

  • Paul. It is now time to shut down unreality. There will never be a better article then this.

    GJ. It was a good run.

    Now what do I read at work?

  • Ben

    Should have called the eyepatch one the “Daryl Hannah”…