10 of the Hottest Non-Human Cartoon Characters

Non Human Cartoon Characters

There have been plenty of hot cartoon character lists out there.  And we get that.  I mean you could take Pamela Anderson in her prime and turn her into a cartoon character and that could probably count (think Stripperella).  That’s not exactly hard.  In fact, there is a new term which I hadn’t even come across…C.I.L.F?

Personally I think those that are into anime and all that stuff are really just one step away from beastiality.  I mean come on people.  They’re cartoons.  That said however, I don’t think we’ve really allowed ourselves to stretch as far as we possibly can.

While many of the hotties of toonland are really just bubbled up humans, there are plenty of them that aren’t of our species.  So what about N.H.C.I.L.F’s?  Here are ten of them.  Sorry folks, that means no Jessica Rabbit.

Felicia from Darkstalkers

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As our own man Sub Zero pointed out the other day, Felicia is certainly worthy of my power sword.

Ariel from Little Mermaid

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I would definitely go under her sea.


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Just think about what she could do with all of that fairy dust.

Cheetara from Thundercats

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She would be such a minx in the sack.  Ba dum ching!

Foxxy Love

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I love that wagging tail.

Catra from She-Ra: Princess of Power)

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I think I actually like her better in her cat form.  OK I don’t.


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Oh come on guys, you aren’t wondering what’s going on under all that blueness?  I’m sure it’s magical.

Lola Bunny

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Move over Babs, Lola is taking the crown on this one.

Fergully Fairies

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Take your pick guys (except for the dudes, unless you like that sort of thing).

Pearl Pureheart

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Had to get a mouse in there, and who better than Mighty Mouse’s squeeze?  He’d kick my ass if he ever found out though.

*Honorable mention to the Caramel Cadbury bunny.

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* Bonus – does She-Hulk Count when she’s all greened out?  I think she should but that’s up for debate.

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