10 Louis C.K. Bits You Should Definitely Watch


It really saddens me to see a distinct lack of excellent stand-up comedians left today. Now they’ll give any two-bit hack his own Comedy Central special and seat at the roast of Joan Rivers.

But there are a few gems left, and one of them is Louis C.K. The man simply has some of the funniest bits I’ve ever seen, and I wanted to share a bunch of them with you. Watch as many as you’re able, I apologize if any jokes are repeated but it’s bound to happen.











  • Laura

    His appearance on Conan was my favorite appearance on his show probably ever. The bit about “Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy” was hilarious, and I watch it often when I think that people need to shut up.

  • Madison

    Louis CK is one of the best stand up comedians working today. By a lot. He’s very crude, but he doesn’t rely on that for his jokes to work…his routine is polished, his delivery is perfect. The guy always makes me laugh.

  • xtheenderx

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    One of my favorite clips was when he was talking about someone who told him to “suck a bag of dicks.”

    Great clips btw!

  • Madison

    @ xtheenderx

    One of my favorite clips! I love when he compares it to a paper bag of french bread, with the tips sticking out the top. Hilarious.

  • Korinthian

    I vote for giving him 85 billion dollars.

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  • David

    Thanks for posting. Louis CK is one of the funniest and most underrated comics around right now. If you want to see some of his other work, check out the series Lucky Louie. It was on HBO I think, for a pretty limited time, but some hilarious stuff.

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