10 Hilarious Clips from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Alright, this is pretty simple: if you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you know that it’s the funniest show on television, hands down.  If you don’t watch it, you’re missing out.  There’s no debate here, there’s no matter of opinion.  You’re either in or you’re out.  Claims to the contrary will fall upon deaf ears.  Every single person I’ve recommended this show to has told me that they’ve loved it, and hopefully a lot of you guys are already on the boat.  Charlie has always been my favorite, but Mac and Dee have stepped it up big time this season.  Dennis is always a douchebag, which makes for great comedy.  It’d be appropriate to have a beer this Friday morning as you enjoy 10 hilarious clips from the funniest show on television, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The birth of the infamous Day Man song:


Charlie cuts the breaks:


Who is Pepe Silvia?


Charlie fills out an online dating application:


Charlie gets slipped some acid:


A short clip, but funny nevertheless.  What bastards:


Mac interviews a woman at a retirement home:


Frank tells Dee how to do squats:


Dee acts according to stereotypes:


The sound is off, but I had to include Green Man:


  • the boss

    i love how charlie is an idiot savant. he cant read or write, but can compose music…in pictorial form of course, not actual lyrics.

  • Madison

    @ the boss

    His inspiration comes from huffing glue, which is pretty sweet, too.

  • chelsea

    this is THE funniest show on television and, in my opinion, it rivals arrested development for funniest show EVER. the cast re-inacted the dayman musical at the Troubadour in LA a few months ago…. i didn’t get to go since tickets sold out so fast.

    i literally judge if i like a person on whether or not they love this show. my favorite line this season so far comes from Mac in the world series episode:

    “I don’t appreciate being paraphrased. Now, I choose my words very deliberately.”

  • Madison

    @ chelsea

    I really can’t think of any shows I’ve ever found funnier than Always Sunny. There have been some classics over the years, but has any show been as consistently hysterical as Always Sunny? I say no.

    And my favorite part from the World Series Defense was when Dennis, arguing before the judge, turns to Charlie and simply says, “stop handing me papers.”

    Oh, and Mac’s love letter to Chase Utley. Wow.

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  • Iheartcharlieday

    What about charlie’s quote about jobs?! WHY ISN’T THAT ON THERE!!! Add this http://bitly.com/HRcWwk BOOM!