10 Clips of Hugh Laurie Before he was Gregory House, MD


You all know him as Dr. Gregory House on the show House.  His real name?  Hugh Laurie.  Most people know by now that Hugh is an English fellow.  And it still blows my mind seeing him in interviews because I could swear to God the guy was American.  He is hands down the best American accent actor from another country.

In any event, Laurie actually had a pretty good career in Britain prior to his success here in America.   He was mostly comedic on television shows, truly can play the piano, and did some very silly commercials.

Here are 10 clips of Hugh Laurie before he was Gregory House

80’s Polaroid Ad


Panama Commercial


Kellog’s Crunchy Nut


Vauxhall Commercial


Beer Commercial


Old Interview on British Television


Hugh on Friends – Sod off!


Casting for House


The Sophisticated Song


Hey Jude



    lol that was awesome, i’m a big fan of House, and it’s cool to see Laurie without the American accent.
    he’s definitely one of the most talented people i’ve seen.

  • Edmund

    Black Adder? Hugh Laurie at his best.

  • Dorkus Malorkus

    Seriously? A feature on young Hugh Laurie and no Blackadder? For shame.

  • Improba Puella

    no Black Adder??!?!?

  • greghousesgf

    there should have been 20. 😉

  • TimmyBot

    What about that movie with the talking mouse?

  • Jas

    The first time I watched house, he seemed a lil’ familiar and then I realized and just couldn’t believe it that this guy played the nerdy father of stuart little…

  • Ray

    Wasn’t he in the “Man in the Iron Mask”? He was the Minister who the king told to take over from the one who put rotten food in the people’s troughs.

  • Louis

    May I be the next to join in the chorus of “WTF no Blackadder???”

  • Jo

    This is so frustrating. ” Pretty good career in Britain”
    He is one of the finest comedians in England and I promise you Blackadder among his other en devours are some of the finest examples of true British comedy and WAY better than House. I honestly think the American ruined him.
    I wish it was more common knowledge in America of his very successful career in Britain.