10 Classic Video Clips from In Living Color


I remember back in middle school, right when Saturday Night Live started to get really good again, In Living Color came along and was a comedy phenomenon.  Like SNL, In Living Color was a sketch comedy show, but it felt more current, dirtier, and really, just plain cooler than SNL.  There was a lot of talent involved with the show, perhaps none more notable than Jim Carrey (who at the time was known as “that white guy”).  I contend that Damon Wayans is one of the most under-appreciated comedians of the 1990s.  And oh, let’s not forget about Jamie Foxx.

If you’re at work right now (like me), I’m sure you’re itching to get outside and start your long, Labor Day weekend (like me).  Start off the long weekend with a laugh, and enjoy 10 classic and hilarious video clips from In Living Color.

The original and notorious Homey the Clown


Mama’s Gonna Kick Me Out


Anton Jackson, Romeo, and Juliet


Fire Marshall Bill


Men on Films


Three Champs and a Baby


Wanda the Massage Therapist


Star Trek Spoof




Michael Jackson Parody


  • IcemanD

    Easily my favorite 90s TV show. Every Monday night my Brother and I would sit down to watch this. I was really disappointed when they released the DVD and stripped out all the musical guests.

    In Living Color ALWAYS had killer musical guests.
    – Gangstar
    – Tribe Called Quest
    – Leaders of a New School (where Busta Rhymes comes from for you younger ones)
    – Arrested Development
    – etc.

  • Madison

    @ IcemanD

    Yes – it was a show I got excited to watch, and then excited to talk about the next day at school.

    The musical guests were awesome, always. Even 2Pac made an appearance on the show.