Unturned Game Review!

What happens when the likes of Day Z procreates with Minecraft, well, besides more zombies, you get a little interesting game called Unturned. At first glance, unturned can easily be mistaken as a cheap under-developed Day Z clone with poor graphics, but given the time and a clear mind, you will find it deep and intricate survival game. But, before we ride too far into that rabbit hole, let’s establish the more commonly known aspects of the game.

Setting of the Game

It is actually a survival game set in a post-apocalypse world, where most of the human beings are turned into flesh hungry zombies. You play in the gameplay as a survivor: and you might be thinking that why haven’t you yourself turned into a zombie? The answer is that the survivors have some sort of resistance to the deadly pathogen. The term “Resistance” needs some explanation. Unlike many other games, it is possible that at any level you might get infected by the zombies, but in this game, zombies can kill you, and since you have resistance to the pathogen, you will never become a zombie yourself. This is why I chose the word “resistance” to explain the phenomenon.

More Challenges than Just Zombies

A unique aspect of the game is radiation meter; as time passes by and you keep on exposing yourself, the number on the radiation meter will increase, and you will eventually die. This makes the game much more interesting; instead of focusing on the zombies entirely, you also need to consider other things into account. You also need to take care of your health, hunger, and thirst, you can use item id’s in the game.

Places in the Game

The game is set in a world called PEI – Prince Edward Island. It is actually a real location which is present near the east coast of Canada. There are different areas to explore: there are military bases, airports, golf courses, campgrounds and several other towns. The inclusion of in-game vehicle makes the game much more interesting and easy to explore.

Time of Gameplay

The game might seem small, but once you play you will come to realize that only fulfilling the fundamental needs in the game – you have to collect materials to survive, you need to get a gun, clothing items, eating items, and you also need to maintain your health – will require man hours of gameplay.

Crafting System

The robust and expansive crafting system of the game is worthy to be praised. Even in the early time of the game, the crafting system is highly remarkable. Everything you do like building up a wooden house for your door, or creating an entire town on your own, it all depends on your imagination, patience as well as determination.

Leveling System

The leveling system of the game is also very remarkable. As you keep on killing the zombies, you will keep on accumulating skill points. The interesting thing is that you can make use of these skills points practically to achieve better-surviving skills. The improved skills will also result in the increase in your power: you will be able to kill more zombies.

In short, the game is worthy enough to spend some time playing it. Don’t just look at the low graphics; there are far better things in the game as a substitute.

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