To The Moon Review

With the sequel to this game coming out late this year, it’s time to have a look back at what made ‘To the Moon’ so great.

With over 22,000 reviews on Steam with a 96% overwhelming positive rating, there’s no doubt that people love To the Moon. The game has inspired countless game developers to create more story driven games. For this reason, there have been countless more games like To the Moon such as Undertale and LISA.

Games like these prove that a good story is what makes a game truly memorable – not necessarily the gameplay as everyone seems to think. Persona 5 and The Witcher III are also examples of story driven games which have found their way onto the top ratings of various rating sites such as metacritic.

So what makes To the Moon such a great story?

Unique Premise

‘To the Moon’ takes on a unique premise of two doctors being able to grant someone a final wish by traversing through their memories and altering it. In this game, the doctors must be able to find the root cause of why Johnny wants to go to the moon and finally grant his wish.

However, as they explore his memories, they realize things were a lot more complicated than expected and they have to travel back years and years to find the root cause of his motivation. This is a touching story about the life of a dying man.

Relatable Characters

To the Moon allows us to play as ‘observers’ for Johnny’s memories. The doctors are basically observers – just like us, and hence it’s easy to relate to them.

Even more so is Johnny and River’s lives. Kan Gao, the creator really made us experience the struggles of these characters, touching on the subject of loneliness and love – something we can all relate to.

Great Atmosphere

One thing which everybody praises the game for is its music. This is something which greatly contributed to the game’s overall atmosphere. Predominantly using the piano and strings, the soundtrack made us feel happy at certain moments, and it made us shed tears in other moments – especially during the final moments where Laura Shigihara’s soundtrack ‘Everything’s Alright’ came on.

On top of the amazing soundtrack, the game also has beautiful visuals to go along with it. Being made in RPG Maker with a small budget, it won’t have the best resolution or graphics, but it the visuals still bring out the game’s atmosphere nonetheless.


What were all those origami rabbits doing in the house? What’s the significance of the platypus? Why did Johnny want to go to the moon?

The game presents us with a good amount of mystery to keep us intrigued in the storyline. Even though the pacing of the game was quite slow at certain parts especially with all the walking required, the mystery kept us intrigued enough to keep playing.

Surprising Plot Twists

The game’s strongest moments came near the end, where everything suddenly clicks together in place. The player gets a sudden realization of what’s happening, only to be met with a surprising, ultra-emotional plot twist. The ending can certainly be described as a rollercoaster of emotions.

Overall, the game is one of the best games to have come out on RPG Maker and it’s certainly the most successful one. If you’re looking for a touching story that can make you laugh and cry, then this is the game for you.

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