The First Android Mobile App Store Dedicated Solely to Real-Play Casino Apps

The Google Play Store has been the go-to place for those seeking games apps for phones running on the Android OS for several years now, but one notable absence from this store has become ever more apparent: namely real-play casino apps. At a time when mobile casino gaming is hitting ever greater heights of popularity, it is hard to understand the thinking behind it. Happily others are ready to do what Google won’t, and that is where Cherry Rush comes into the picture.

What is Cherry Rush?

That question is easy to answer: it is the very first Android mobile app store dedicated solely to real-play casino apps – which means apps that let you gamble for real with genuine money. The site was launched with the intention of grouping together all of the hundreds of such apps within one easy to navigate your way around store and combine this with information that would enable the user to find the app that best suited them. So how exactly does it go about achieving the second of these aims?

What information does it feature?

Everyone who writes for this site is a real fan of online and mobile casino and Cherry Rush has put that enthusiasm and knowledge to good use by getting them to write reviews of each app featured within the store. These reviews look into all of the key factors: how many casino games an app has, the quality of the graphics and layout, the payment and security set-up and the bonuses and promotional offers. This means the user can separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to real-play casino apps, with the site also guaranteeing that every single app it features is subject to proper regulation and runs on legitimate software. It also offers handy ratings out of five for each app, if you want a quicker method of picking a good one, while the staff recommendations are another way of getting straight to the best apps and the trending section lets you see which ones are most popular with other Cherry Rush users.

What play options does it offer?

While some app stores may require you to download an app to your phone before playing it, gives you two choices once you have selected the one for you. First there is the download one, with a quick, smooth process promised each time, but second there is the instant play option. This allows you to sign up for an app and play in your mobile phone’s internet browser. This is an ideal way to try out an app for size before downloading it more permanently.

The huge success among casino fans that Cherry Rush is enjoying since its launch shows that this sort of app store was needed and if you want the best casino apps quickly you definitely need to check it out.