This is How You Make a Super Mario Themed Room


We’ve seen plenty of Super Mario Brothers themed rooms, furniture, kitchen products, you name it.  But if you’re a true Nintendo fan and you want to make either yours or your kids room look like you’re actually inside the game, then I personally think that Super Mario decals are the way to go.   And the ones I’m specifically referring to come from none other than ThinkGeek.  So you know they’re going to be quality.   Here’s a bit more details on these bad boys.


  • Based on updated 8-bit graphics from the original Super Mario Bros.
  • Decals are so life-like, it’s like watching the game on pause!
  • Join Mario and friends on their quest, right on your wall!
  • Made from an ultra-thin, self-adhesive matte vinyl film. Stickers are removable and reusable.
  • Package includes 3, 26′ x 40′ sheets of decals.

So if you’ve still got that gaming spirit you might want to pick these up.   Currently they’re selling on Amazon and are at a 33% discount.   I happen to have a spare room in the house and I have a very strong feeling I know what the new theme is going to be.


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