Check out This Bamboo Table that Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

In case you didn’t think that technology could get any cooler, we are about to blow your minds. Many with smartphones and devices nowadays hate having to be connected to a cord to charge them up; However, there are some brands of phones out there that are coming up with wireless charging, and we are just getting started, apparently. We are about to show you one of the coolest pieces of furniture that we have ever seen, and not just because of its stylish design. This article is going to focus on the new FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table, and it is just as incredible as it sounds.

Not Just Your Ordinary Side Table

This may seem like just a plain old table that you would place beside your couch or bedside, but looks are deceiving in this case. The FurniQi Bamboo Table has a similar aesthetic to any other table that you would purchase, with its bamboo finish and three legged base. It allows it to blend in easily with any style that you have in your home, and also comes at a family friendly price as well. This table, which normally will run for about $200 can be yours at a reduced price of $150, and considering its unique, built in properties, that is most definitely a steal!

The Good Stuff

As we mentioned, the best part about this unique table is that is wirelessly charges your smart devices. Forget the mess of those cables, and trying to find an outlet that can reach; All you have to do is simply set your phone on the table, and forget about it. The table also comes with a USB cable, for those moments when plugging it in works better. Trust us though, with this technology, you won’t ever want to go back to the tangled wires and hopeless cause that is a plug in charging cable. Just keep in mind that the entire table is not a charging station, but there is a small laser engraved mark on the top of the table that will let you know where the charging station is.

We don’t know about you, but it sounds like we need to have at least four or five of these tables in our house at all times. With the ability to charge without the hassle of a wire means more freedom, plus the stylish and subtle look of a durable and sleek table at the same time. If you are wanting the discount on the FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Table that we mentioned before, you will have to get the link through Mashable itself, and in no time, this table will be yours! We can only hope that technology keeps continuing to adapt and expand our horizons to keep blowing our minds, and making our lives so much easier. This has been our closer look at the FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Table, and we hope that we have made you eager to get one for your own home.

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