A Noise Canceling Noodle Fork That Drowns Out Slurping Sounds

Have you ever thought about people who slurp noodles? Most people have been in an experience where they’re trying to enjoy their food and somebody close to them is slurping their soup, their noodles or their drink. Some people are able to blow the sound off without giving it hardly a thought and it drives others absolutely crazy. In fact, it’s actually considered very rude to do this in public in the United States. However, in other countries like Japan, it’s considered socially acceptable.

Obviously, this can create some issues because there is a major distinction between what’s acceptable and what isn’t between these two cultures and they don’t always flow seamlessly together. As a result, a company actually introduced a fork that is supposed to drown out the sound of slurping when a person eats. It’s designed for eating noodles and in theory, it allows a person to slurp as loudly as they wish without anyone else having to hear it.

The fork is designed with the latest technology and it works in conjunction with a smartphone that features a specific app. When a person slurps, this fork is supposed to capture that sound on its own microphone and then wirelessly send that to the cell phone, which then creates its own noise cancelling properties. Obviously, the idea is supposed to be that people can slurp whenever they want to and no one else has to be offended by it.

Does it really work well enough that you can sit at a table next to someone else and slurp noodles without them hearing it? Chances are, they’re going to hear some of the white noise that is produced by the cell phone, and some people might find that every bit as annoying as slurping. In reality, this product has not yet been widely circulated and it makes it very difficult to determine whether or not most people will consider it a success in social situations. Of course, the longer it’s available and the more people use it, the easier it will be to determine its overall level of success.

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