Win More Awesome Costumes in a Another Unreality Giveaway

We’re back with a new contest for you similar to one we’ve run before. We’re offering two winners $100 from, a Halloween superstore that has a bunch of well made costumes with everything from movies to TV to video game themes. I’ve featured a few examples above, but you get the general idea, and can head over to the website to check out their full selection.

Halloween may be a ways off, but it’s never too early to start planning. My friends always make fun of me because I’m already brainstorming ideas for next year AS I’m out on Halloween. But I might actually go store bought this year as the selections seem to be getting better and better.

But how do you win? Well I’ve devised a new contest idea that involves putting your internet super sleuthing to the test. You guys are good at sending in tips, but I want to see how far you can take it.

I want you to scour the internet for the absolute best costumes you can find as they relate to movies, TV or video games. They can be Halloween costumes, they can be professional cosplayers, I don’t care. You will get extra consideration if they are something I have not seen before (which will be tough given my job) or at the very least something we haven’t featured here on the site. Super bonus points will be awarded if it’s something you have made yourself.

After you email all entries to, I’ll look over the best finds and make a post of them, selecting two as the gold nuggets to win the pair of $100 credits. If we get enough entries, there might even be a bonus for ALL Unreality readers when the contest ends.

Alright, so start hunting and email away. You can enter as much as you want, but I’ll be selecting via quality, not quantity.


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