Which Celebrity is an Absurdly Dedicated Fan of Eastbound and Down?

The fact that you can’t recognize him from the picture should a decent clue in itself. Or can you tell who this is?

It’s Marilyn Manson, sans makeup, in full Kenny Powers garb. Rumor has it that he’s so obsessed with the character to the point that he always dresses like this and is constantly quoting the show.

Does anyone find this weird, especially for Marilyn Manson? Like if this news story was “Marilyn Manson dresses up like Leatherface and eats a live rabbit” I would be like, “Oh OK, sure.” But this is just really weird to me.

Side note: I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Kenny Powers himself, Danny McBride last week, and what do you know, the guy is a total southern gentleman. Who knew?


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