What’s the Rarest Pokemon Card of Them All?

A long time ago, I was hooked on collecting Pokemon cards. Yes, I’d mastered the Game Boy games and had every Pokemon at level 100, but this card game was a new challenge, and made the game’s cry of “gotta catch ’em all!” even more literal.

I enjoyed the hunt to track down every card through packs and trading, and I even wagered holofoils on basketball games and ping pong matches with my friends. I liked collecting, and finally when I had every original, jungle and fossil series card out there, I thought I was going to be rich someday.

You see, much like every collectible trend, Beanie Babies, Pogs, etc, the creators claimed that these cards would increase in value over time. I had two holofoil Charizards for example (one I got in my very first pack), and at the time, each was valued at around $50. Surely, that could go nowhere but up over timer right?

Wrong. In fact, Pokemon cards are for the most part financially useless, though my binder does bring back some good memories which has some inherent value I suppose.

But that brings me to the point of this article, I wanted to find out if ANY Pokemon cards were actually worth something today, and I found one that stood out. The above card is called the Pikachu Illustrator. It was a prize given out in Japan to winners of a Pokemon Card Game Illustration Contest where presumably you had to design your own card. Only six of the cards ever existed, and it’s one of the few promotional cards to have a double star rarity.

So what’s it worth? The card has sold for $20,000. And here I thought my double Charizards would pay for my college tuition.

  • Zach

    I sold all of my cards way back when except for two. A US and Japanese Holographic Here Comes Team Rocket.

  • xXburekXx

    i raize your holo charizard and show you my holo alakazam, that was the greatest day of my young life

  • Prof. Frink

    Surely a Charizard with giant scratches across its face because of a dumb British kid is bank right? Frowen!!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    Ugh, I know what you mean. I have a complete set of the Jurassic Park trading cards. Surely they’ll come in handy as a down payment for a house…. right?

  • WakyWizerdX

    What’s the card do? Does it have an all powerful effect or is it all for show?

  • lara

    actually if you go on ebay and type in pokemon cards then change the options to highest price first theres a colletion going for 10,000.00 more shocking than that its got quite a few offers on it xxx

  • kam

    for real thats pretty good for a colector my bro gave me his cards and same for my dad to my bro and i now got triples of each card in english exept for lugia that does 200 damage.

  • patrick

    Nice to see you got something good in your first deck, like me I got shiny Mewtwo 🙂

  • Jack

    I have a ancient mew card that’s pink and shiny and is all written in symbols is that any good?

  • Bakedwafl3

    i have like 9 ancient mew cards that i bought for $2 each back in like ’06. and i have all originals of fossil and jungle and what not

  • garrett

    your rare ancient mew card may be valuable
    there are 3 types
    -original japanese which is holofoil with a spelling error
    it spells nintendo as “nintedo” ($600)
    -corrected is the exact same but nintendo is spelled right ($180)
    -and the dumb american version which doesnt have very good design ($15)
    hope this helps you ancient mew fans

  • drew

    know that feel…. i thought all the 1st gen and 2nd gen startrek cards in mint would pay my collage ……………… altogether they range about $100 …. fuuuuuuuu-

  • Cheryl

    i just found all my son’s (who is 24yrs old now) pokemon cards…gee about 300-400 cards…LOL….he has about 100 foil ones all scratch free!!!!!!!! Should I tell him..he has never asked about it in years???

  • Kira

    Hey, okay so i went to a flea market and got a platinum card set. So when i opened them they were awesome cards! i have no idea if their rare or not but there is 3 level x all of them are trainers pokemon (either gym leader or elite 4) and if they are not level x they are in the level 50s range and there is one that is level 49. and they also have a weird Japanese sign or a GL and they have sp in the lower left corner. Any advise if they are rare or not or they have a good price. THX 😀

  • Rockzz

    I have the same card

  • PokeFan #1

    Hi, There are many rare cards like the one above I was an avide collector and traded EVERY card I had to my cousin for only one of her cards. I had to count every card, 568. This trade was the best trade of my life. I got the 8th card printed Blastoise. it was literally the 8th card every printed. net worth $50,000. Score.

  • charizard ex on ebay is selling around 35 pound

  • Doug

    where do you sell pokemon cards i have a lot of shadowless rares i want to sell

  • Hey I just met you…

    I have and electric/steel Charizard, I think it’s foil. It is Japanese and there is a weird purple etching in the background. Any ideas?

  • Sean T

    i have a card that i have searched for in all the error sites and i cannot find this card. i purchased for my son at a card shop in 1998 i was told it was a rare error card by the shop owner witch is a very reputable card shop in Las Vegas. it has a ladybug type character and its error is that the power is printed HP40 instead of 40HP it is a holo or foil card where the border and writing all in japanese is holo or foil but the image is not if anybody knows anything about this card please email me at seant698@yahoo.com. the front has pocket monsters card game picture on it.

  • joe

    The card says pokemon illustrator, not pikachu