What’s the Rarest Pokemon Card of Them All?

A long time ago, I was hooked on collecting Pokemon cards. Yes, I’d mastered the Game Boy games and had every Pokemon at level 100, but this card game was a new challenge, and made the game’s cry of “gotta catch ’em all!” even more literal.

I enjoyed the hunt to track down every card through packs and trading, and I even wagered holofoils on basketball games and ping pong matches with my friends. I liked collecting, and finally when I had every original, jungle and fossil series card out there, I thought I was going to be rich someday.

You see, much like every collectible trend, Beanie Babies, Pogs, etc, the creators claimed that these cards would increase in value over time. I had two holofoil Charizards for example (one I got in my very first pack), and at the time, each was valued at around $50. Surely, that could go nowhere but up over timer right?

Wrong. In fact, Pokemon cards are for the most part financially useless, though my binder does bring back some good memories which has some inherent value I suppose.

But that brings me to the point of this article, I wanted to find out if ANY Pokemon cards were actually worth something today, and I found one that stood out. The above card is called the Pikachu Illustrator. It was a prize given out in Japan to winners of a Pokemon Card Game Illustration Contest where presumably you had to design your own card. Only six of the cards ever existed, and it’s one of the few promotional cards to have a double star rarity.

So what’s it worth? The card has sold for $20,000. And here I thought my double Charizards would pay for my college tuition.