What the Earth Would Look Like with Rings


My writing role model Roger Ebert posted this to his blog, and generally what he finds interesting I find worth checking out, and today is no exception.

We live on a pretty cool planet, with it’s ability to sustain life and all, but could it actually be even more awe inspiring? That’s what one conceptual artist imagined when he set about seeing what it would look like if the earth had rings around it the way Saturn does. I remember from fourth grade science that the rings are made out of rock and mostly ice, but I’ll be damned if I can recall why Saturn has such huge ones and we have zip.

Stay tuned past the intro which shows a simple photoshop of the earth with rings around it, and wait for the pictures of what it would look like from the surface. Each city gets a different view of the rings, depending where they are in relation to the equator, and it really would be damn cool to live on a planet like this.


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