Werner Herzog Reads Where’s Waldo


Why does a video exist of famed film director Werner Herzog musing about the philosophical questions behind Where’s Waldo? I believe the answer you’re looking for is “Why not?”

Many of us grew up with this books, but we never pondered the mysteries behind them. Who is Waldo? Why is hiding? Who is that wizard who’s always stalking him?

I guarantee every time you see a Waldo book now, you’re going to be hearing  Herzog’s awesome accented voice in your head.

  • Madison

    For a total maniac – I am pretty sure he once pulled a gun on an actor to help him convey fear – Herzog’s got a pretty good sense of humor. His Loch Ness mockumentary is worth watching.

  • Soul Paavo

    I don’t think that is actually Herzog. His real voice can be heard in this:

    But that’s still awesome. And Herzog would totally be crazy enough to do it for real.

  • james

    In no way is that Herzog. Which begs the question- Why would someone make something like this?

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