Too Much ’90s Nostalgia


I’m actually posting this video as it was posted by a reader directed toward us when we may have been going a bit overboard on ’90s nostalgia recently. I wouldn’t say we’re quite this bad, but I think many of us can over-idealize the past quite a bit.

Yeah, the ’90s were great, but kids today don’t have it so bad either. Just because you associate something with your own childhood, that doesn’t inherently mean your childhood is better than others.

Hell, even our beloved Nickelodeon is better in some ways today. Kids today have Avatar: The Last Airbender for god’s sake!

  • trashcanman

    The hell? Out of all possible shows he goes with Bobby’s World? This has got to be a troll. The N64 was crap compared to the SNES in terms of great games, and Green Day is still kicking. He could have gone with Nirvana, RATM, Alice in Chains, Faith No More, or any other band that is no longer active, but he chooses one who is? This motherfucker is DOING IT WRONG!

  • Michael

    I think that was the guy’s point…

  • John

    Thumbs up for posting a video that is trying to make fun of you!
    Takes some balls… 90s balls!!!

    Just wish you weren’t so apologetic about it. Anyway, I agree that it’s pure trolling!

  • It got me for a second. I was like GREEN DAY..and stood up to kick a chair. Then it hit me. Well played, video. Well played.

  • Tim W.

    hahahahahahahaha Dude, that was awesome. Kids these days… Kids these days… hahahahahahaha

  • JessKitty

    Every generation think that their childhood was golden and magical. They think that all the generations before had primitive terrible childhoods where too much was expected of them and too little was given to them. And every generation after had overly soft childhoods where too much was given to them and too little expected of them.

  • eLTeezy

    Pretty good Jim Gaffigan impression.

  • DocSavage

    Sheesh. 90’s kids. They didn’t even get to experience the 80’s…

  • RussIsAnOkayGuy

    Hahah It was me who posted the video. I love the website, so it was part friendly scolding and part showing you a video I think you would like. Keep up the good work!