The Most Offensive Picture on the Internet

I apologize in advance for this picture, as we’re normally a (somewhat) family friendly site here. I know this vision will probably haunt you for the rest of your life, but since my own soul was corrupted by it, I thought yours should be as well.

It’s hard to imagine so much awfulness condensed into one spot. Just the Croc/Ugg hybrid alone is enough to make me want to cry.

Anything missing here that could make this even more a of shit sandwich? (oops, guess we’re not that family friendly). I’d throw in Jar Jar Binks, those racists robots from Transformers 2 and a malfunctioning printer, but that’s just me.

Thanks to completely random reader who I do not know, Kevin,  for sharing.

  • Bad Acid

    Is that Nic Cage peaking out?

  • EarthwormJim

    Needs more duckface (I never thought I’d ever type that)

  • tugbote

    Yes, that is indeed Nicolas Cage “PEEKING” out

  • Jason

    Why does everyone hate Nickelback?

  • Bad Acid

    It’d be more offensive if something great was set in the middle of all this awfulness, like Johnny Cash or Batman

  • trashcanman

    If Cage was wearing Fred Durst’s backwards baseball cap and was planking off of it, this would reach ultimate levels. As is, my opinion on fashionable footwear is nonexistent, but goddamn Nickelback is shit.

  • SiiLLyRaBBiiT

    it’s missing a group shot of Five Finger Death Punch

  • MetFanMac

    Okay, will someone please explain to me what in the world is so offensive about Crocs and Internet Explorer?

  • Bert

    You know what’s funny? Nic Cage actually strongly resembles the guy from Nickelback.

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  • cp

    throw in a westboro baptist and call it good.

  • Chelsey

    There’s an alternative version with comic sans and papyrus on it. That one is worse.

  • Will

    But… I Like all of the things in this picture!