The Most Elaborate Batgirl/Nightwing Themed Wedding You’ll Ever See

Batgirl Wedding 15

I’m currently in the middle of planning my own wedding, and by planning I mean nodding a lot and going “mhmm, that’s great.”

I can’t help but think it would be a lot more fun if the whole thing was superhero themed, but it takes a special kind of dedication to make that happen. Dedication like this bride and groom.

She’s obsessed with Batgirl, he liked Nightwing. As Batman can’t exactly marry Robin (in most states) it’s the Bat-themed wedding they chose. The sheer level of detail in this gallery is astounding, and it looks like one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever seen. Be sure to check out all the pictures by Dianne Personett below:


  • J. Morales

    Dude, Robin is Batman’s son. What is wrong with you? 😛

    PS – Yes, I’ve heard that they apparently killed Damian Wayne.

  • Jo

    I would have come dressed as the joker and shoot her through the spinal cord. Thats would have comic accurate!

  • monstrinho

    Who got the white tie? GET OUT!

  • Loren Bagby

    She’s pretty, but she has a hint of crazy to her eyes.