The Badass Presidents Series that Lives Up to Its Name

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This may not have anything in particular to do with movies or gaming per se, but it is the coolest thing I’ve found on the internet in quite some time and something that you all probably need to see.

Artist SharpWriter is a bored man with talent, so he decided to embark on a quest to give a number of our old presidents legendary makeovers. It’s not quite historically accurate (and by not quite, I mean we’d have to jump through about ten million parallel universes to ever find one that contained any of these situations), but it is amazingly done as you can see by George Washington slaying zombies above.

But if that’s not enough for you and you need to see say, Abraham Lincoln riding a bear, or Teddy Roosevelt murdering bigfoot, well you just happen to be in luck. Check out the rest of the gallery below:


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