Spider-Man Has Captured the President!

Say what you will about Obama politically, but damn, this is funny. I like to think that somehow this kid just accidentally wandered into the White House and started pretending like he was an actual superhero. Well, in this case, a supervillain as he’s webbing up the President.

I think this would have been even more funny with George W. Bush, but all the goofy pictures of him are just where he’s making funny faces. Humorous, but not exactly doing battle with child superheroes.

  • Wes

    No, that the Chameleon disguised as Obama!

  • MetFanMac

    Okay, I’ll bite: what IS the context for this image?

  • Barbara

    @ MetFanMac. According to the Huffington Post he was playing with the son of a staffer just before Halloween. The picture was released for Time magazine.