Slaughterhouse Starlets: A Series

Starlets 1

Photomanipulation is a type of art that hovers between photoshop and pen and paper, and I’m honestly not sure which was used to create this series of “Slaughterhouse Starlet.”

But the concept is clear enough. The artist, Keith P. Rein (can’t link), has taken a punch of famous actresses like our ex-mascot Christina Hendricks above, and given them bloody weaponry, making them look like the femme fatales of a grindhouse feature. Tarantino would be proud.

I had to filter out a few of the more…provocative ones, but plenty remain for you to check out below like Emma Watson, Felicia Day and Sofia Vergara. Check them out above.

  • Mr B

    Christina is now ex-mascot? What did she do to deserve such demotion?

    Cool pics tho.

  • MegaSolipsist

    Zooey Deschanel is the scariest, but even with a bloody meat cleaver, Emma Watson just radiates class.