Robert Chew’s Amazing Anti-Poaching Mechs


Poaching in places like Africa, illegally hunting rare animals to sell their rare body parts for huge amounts of money, is probably one of the worst things currently happening on planet earth that doesn’t involve human beings dying. It’s so bad, that guards actually have to be hired to protect these rare animals.

Robert Chew has taken the idea one step further with his anti-poaching art print campaign. He’s designed mech versions of the rare animals themselves which serve to protect their living counterparts. Ever wanted to see a badass robo-elephant, jaguar, lion, hyena, or rhino? Well, now’s your chance, as they’re all below. This is not only a badass campaign, but the art is just phenomenal by itself, and you absolutely must check it out. Also, donate and stuff here, and help make animal mechs a reality. Or just like, help save animals the normal way, that works too.

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mecha_leopard_breakdown_by_crazyasian1-d6rjqvx (1)





[via Neatorama]

  • I’m picturing an awesome scene where the mechs are disguised with fake hides, These poacher bastards are creeping on one a lone elephant and when they shoot it the bullets richochet,revealing a glint of metal just before the beast goes into red-eyed attack mode and starts running them down,As they reach their jeep, a red-eyed rhino overturns it, The poachers crawl out of the wreck to find a lion and water buffalo bearing down on them as a giant buzzard lands on their jeep, crushing it underneath its weight. They’re surrounded, throw down their weapons, and put their hands up. Cue title text.

  • Mr B

    Hyenas are really cool. The medic vulture is a really neat idea.

  • Guest

    Could this be adapted from District 9 technology.

  • Dong Blak

    Could this be adapted from District 9 technology?

  • Dong Blak

    Cyborg Safari.