Reebok’s Genius Sci-fi Shoes or Reebok’s Stupid PR Stunt?


I never thought I’d be mentioning the word “Reebok” on this site, as it’s a brand I haven’t thought of since their shoes proved too wide for me when I was six. And every year since.

But I suppose they’re doing something right by making a shoe so wacky even I have to sit up and take notice. Because “Shox” aren’t enough in shoes, we now have…whatever this this. It’called the ATV19+

“Aiming to capture the essence of an all-terrain vehicle, Reebok has collaborated with UFC fighter Rampage Jackson to introduce the ‘ATV 19+’ training shoe. featuring irregular lugs, rugged overlays, a padded tongue and supportive collar for protection and comfort, the footwear implements high-speed stability and elevated traction with its distinctive design.”

I love Rampage Jackson, but perhaps it’s not the best idea to have someone who gets punched in the head for a living to design shoes for you. That said, I want to walk around in these to see if either A) I fall over or B) Those little nodes are secretly jet engines that make me fly.


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