Oh My God, These Russian Meteor Videos


It’s not every day you wake up to the news that the Earth has bit hit by a meteor, but just because we’re not all dead, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a big deal.

Rather, it was a small town in Russia that got hit, and over 500 people are injured, mostly through shattered glass and debris as a meteor buzzed by them, breaking the sound barrier.

The video footage of the event is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. We’re used to seeing stuff like this in Michael Bay movies, but to see it in real life? It’s simply astonishing. The video above is a compilation of footage from a few sources. Hope everyone over there makes a quick recovery. I also hope they find a spaceship in the crater, but that seems less likely.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    No kidding. Can you possibly imagine looking up and seeing something like that in broad daylight? Whoa. I think I’ve seen three or four of these videos this morning (one may be a duplicate, I can’t quite tell).

  • Michael

    Awesome Russian music. Doesn’t get more stereotypical than that..

  • Armands

    I wouldn’t call Chelyabinsk a small town. Its population is 1.1 million. There are only nine US cities with larger population.

  • Gil

    More likely they’ll find Doomsday walking out of that crater.

  • Skeebo

    Armands… I’d check that number again, I can name 10 cities in the US with a greater population than 1.1 without even trying.

    New York
    San Fran
    San Antonio
    Las Vegas

  • DocDoom

    It’s a good bet the Empire knows we’re here

  • hallamq

    I agree with Armands, any city with over a million people in it can’t be called a small town. Belgrade, Prahe or Copenhagen are roughly that size, and Ottawa has less people than Chelyabinsk.

  • hallamq

    Also, holy shit the meteor.

  • Langolyer

    It is usual. I see it evere tuesday.