Now You Too Can Have Amazing Hand-Crafted Cosplay Costumes (That You Didn’t Make)


Ever wanted to be as awesome as all the cosplayers you see all over the internet? No? Well, I have, so shut up. Problem is, I can’t sew or make cool shit out of foam. But other people can, and once they’re done with their costumes, you can now buy them via a new site called CosTrader.

It’s a marketplace for old cosplay costumes, which is kind of cool given how much freaking work when into some of these. It’s still attracting attention so it doesn’t have the hugest selection as of yet, but I can see the concept taking off within the community. Some stuff is ludicrously overpriced, while some seems much more reasonable. The only problem I foresee with this is that most great cosplay costumes are made to fit the person wearing them exactly. To alter them, you need to the crafting skills you obviously don’t have if you’re shopping for secondhand cosplay costumes.

But I think it’s a cool marketplace, and I hope it takes off.

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