The Best of Nicolas Cage as Everyone

Nicholas Cage

Once in a while a website comes along that completely blows you away.  Yes the concept might get old and the site might fall into the internet oblivion of never being popular again, but for now this thing is absolutely awesome.

Considering all the press Nicolas Cage has gotten in the past few months with his financial troubles and all, someone decided to put together a site dedicated to photoshopping the star as “everyone.”

Put it this way, if you ever wanted to see Nicolas Cage as Abe Lincoln then continue reading

Here are 15 pictures of Nicolas Cage as everyone.

As Jim Cramer

Nicholas Cage

As Kevin McAllister

Nicholas Cage

As Howard Stern

Nicholas Cage

As Heidi Montag

Nicholas Cage

As Abe Lincoln

Nicholas Cage

As Harry Potter

Nicholas Cage

As Lord Voldemort

Nicholas Cage

As Amy Winehouse

Nicholas Cage

As Gregory House

Nicholas Cage

As Perez Hilton

Nicholas Cage

As Spock

Nicholas Cage

As Holly Go Lightly

Nicholas Cage

As Jesse James

Nicholas Cage

As Dwight Schrute

Nicholas Cage

As Sarah Palin

Nicholas Cage

  • ComfortableMadness


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  • Robert

    I have no words.

  • Colin

    two words: fucking epic

  • dizzle


  • yoda

    beautiful, man…fucking beautiful…

  • ottermann

    I thought they were ‘shopping Nic Cages face onto people? Why the unaltered photo of Amy Winehouse?

  • As long as I don’t see him as “himself”, I’ll be OK.

  • ConfusedCanadian

    Funniest part is the Sarah Palin one where John looks like Jabba the Hut and it doesn’t even seem to be a photoshop.

  • 7inchesSoft


  • awkword

    This is berry good!

  • Robert Connor Cortese

    Hilarious. The list of possibilities are endless!

  • ee

    man who thought of this !?

  • Madison

    Every picture is a winner. Wow.

  • OMG that was amazing….fuckin Dwight Schrute was amazing

  • don

    amazing work dude,


  • hans

    this is probably photoshopped

  • Elvis

    An improvement over the real Amy Winehouse.

  • david wayne osedach

    The Sarah Palin broke me up! Can’t stop laughing. Why not have him do an Ellen DeGenernes?

  • Surfer

    OMG HAHAHA!!!!!!

  • StonedOdie

    Very odd/amazing. Whoever did this they did a great fucking job… They pictures look great, scarry… but great.

  • ***ROFL***

  • chelsea

    ok, i hate to be the bitch but this is one of my biggest pet peeves… you write for an entertainment site focusing mainly on actors and movies. it’s NICOLAS Cage, NOT Nicholas. it’s super annoying, especially since you used his name 4 times in the article and incorrectly.

  • this is true. fixed.

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  • amazing

    it took me a good minute to tell which he was in the sarah palin picture. i liked not seeing the title and trying to figure it out. :]

  • wow sarah palin just got better looking

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  • lol I think I just peed a little

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  • Genius, especially love Dexter and Palin pics. Hah!

  • samuri

    The Sarah Palin one finally gives the GOP someone as whacked out as Pelosi while also matching pelosi’s appearance.

  • Spock and Dwight are the best by far ….. the women ones are disturbing.

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  • Rick

    I’m already tired of the concept. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Kriket

    This is the single most f-ed up thing that I have ever seen in my life. I fracking HATE Nicholas Cage.

    Why would you do this to me? My soul hurts.

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  • Thats classic. Great post

  • So what’s up with the guy that said it was “probably” photoshoped?? That was the whole point. “probably” another MaoBama Administration appointee…..

  • jan

    cage is the best….amy&sara are the greatest

  • anon

    Anyone who spent the amount of time it took to edit these photos, staring at Nicholas Cage’s face has some serious sexuality issues.

  • Weird idea!But some of the fotos are really funny.