My Life of First World Blogging Problems

I have an…interesting job, some may say, writing about movies, TV and video games all day. Sometimes its met with an “oh that’s awesome!” or other times looks of pity when everyone think I’m poor. What it does however, is lead me to have a set of menial problems that are different from most other jobs.

I’m not a meme guy, but First World Problems is one of my favorites. It’s upper middle class people complaining about the little problems in their daily lives, when really they don’t matter at all. There’s a set unique to media blogging, and I came up with a gallery that might give you insight into some of the biggest (well, smallest) issues I encounter with my job. The photos continue below:
















  • Ha! Brilliant and very true especially the Christina Hendricks thing 🙂

  • the_truant

    pretty solid list! must be rough! =P

    but seriously, though, it’s so f**king awesome that you get to do this for a living. congrats! (only slightly jealous..!)

  • Ha, well done.

  • Patrick


  • Rob J

    Are people really sad enough to copy your stuff on reddit for karma?