How To Mod An IKEA Lamp Into An Exploding Death Star Lamp

Let’s face it, if you were really going to do this you wouldn’t be reading this article.  How many people actually take the steps to make these modifications?  I will say this though.  This is easily one of the cooler lamp mods I’ve seen.  I mean anything modded to look like the death star is cool but this one is particularly awesome.   When you are turning something into a death star on its own, that’s solid.  But when you added the element of it exploding?  Well then that takes it to another level.  If you have the time you might consider making one of these.

This is the exploding Death Star lamp modded from an IKEA PS 2014 pendant lamp by Instructable user MariaK64. You can follow a tutorial she made HERE or HERE.  And you can certainly watch the video below:

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