Living in the Future: Rise of the Robots


Once in a while I break from TV, movies and video games to showcase something that I believe shows us that we’re actually living in the fictional future created by all of those things. Real life and sci-fi and coming together all over the place, and there have been incredible advancements in robot technology that tell me that I may not die of old age in my ’80s, but I could be bowing to our Skynet overlords.

This is a robot called “Petman” which can do a variety of human tricks like walking, overcoming obstacles, and most hilariously, doing pushups. I never thought I’d see a robot doing push-ups but in the past month I’ve watched Real Steel and now this.

I like the way he walks. Robot’s got swagger.


  1. JapJay November 8, 2011
  2. Aleina009 November 9, 2011

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