Living in the Future: Google’s Autodriving Car in Action


We’re back with another one of my “we’re living in the future” segments. This time Lady Gaga is nowhere to be found, but this is far more awesome than pop culture torn from Babylon 5.

I didn’t figure Google would be the one to invent an autodriving car as they’re not, you know, an automaker, but I suppose they’re the only ones with any money these days, and they don’t often fail at what they set their mind to. Except for Google Buzz.

But this video shows one of their new cars in action, which has been driving all around the country with no one driving but a camera and sensors. Yeah, there’s a guy sitting there just in case, but he’s not touching anything unless he feels like he absolutely has to, an event which rarely if ever happens.

How long until this is standard on cars? I’ll go with 2040. Ugh, I’ll be fifty. Just in time to kick back and let my car take me places I guess.

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  1. tabbi March 4, 2011

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