Lets Get All These Harlem Shake Videos Out of the Way


Well, a new internet trend has hit like a ton of bricks, and suddenly I can’t stop seeing it everywhere. It’s called the Harlem Shake, and it uses a track from artist Baauer and has people dancing in absurd ways.

Why am I featuring it  here? Well, some of the videos (like the one above) feature characters we appreciate on the site. Also, it’s just hilarious, or at least it will be until there are 100,000 of these videos by the weekend. Move over Psy, this is the thing now. Though I think a Psy Harlem Shake video might break the internet at this point.

Want to make you own? The concept is simple. Have a thirty second clip with someone dancing solo, then when the music kicks in, cut and have a ton of people in the same spot start doing the craziest, most absurd shit they can think of. The trend has spread to hip blogging offices like Buzzfeed, College Humor and The Chive. If Unreality had an office, I might make all the writers do this while wearing Pokemon costumes, but sadly we’re all spread out.

If you still don’t understand what the hell I’m talking about, watch the rest of the videos I’ve compiled below:

TSCS (The Original)




College Humor


The Chive


Couture Shake (with models!)




The Apartment





Star Wars




  • J5

    I thought the Harlem Shake was intro’d back in Puff Daddy/Diddy transitional days, in a slower, more rhythmic way?

    The internet must be grading on a white people culture curve.

  • J5

    Ahhhh, I missed the part of the formula where you cut to chaos.

  • suijurisreverie

    Oh internets, what would I do without you?

  • Dzuksi

    For some weird reason it reminds me on this:

  • Roy

    That got old FAST!

  • Griffin

    Well actually this isn’t even THE Harlem Shake. What these guys are doing is, whether intentional or not, a parody of the real harlem shake.

    The song by Baauer, though, is called Harlem Shake. More than likely the kids were just making fun of how people dance to trap music due to its increasing popularity.

  • Ben

    These videos remind me of the Hell scenes from “Event Horizon.”

  • Atanas

    I’m sorry Paul but the original Harlem Shake viral video was made by Filthy Frank. In it they were spoofing the actual Harlem Shake dance set to Baauer’s version. The TSCS video inspired the rest of the other dance videos.

  • Howdy

    These harlem shake videos are great… An agency in my industry just put one out and then it’s like everyone in the industry followed. Have to get on the band wagon 🙂