Internet Explorer Tugs On Those ’90s Nostalgia Hearstrings


I am NOT being paid to post this, but I did want to showcase this Internet Explorer commercial that’s an…interesting new direction for its ad campaign. Between this and their own Tumblr, their new slogan is  essentially “We know we sucked, but we’re good now, seriously.” I find that rather hilarious.

The commercial above reminds us that we, children of the ’90s, grew up with Internet Explorer whether we knew it or not, as Chrome and Firefox didn’t exist back when we were playing with slap bracelets or POGs or jumping around in our LA Lights. Usually “nostalgia” and “technology” don’t really go hand in hand when promoting something meant to be cutting edge, but IE is banking on the fact that we have some emotional attachment to its browser that was formed when we were too young to have a choice.

Is the IE 10 better? I have no idea, as I use Chrome 90% of the time and Firefox 10% because you still can’t manually resize images in WordPress in Chrome. Whatever the rather confusing message, I will say this is a well done commercial. Freaking Tamagotchis man.


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