If Celebrities Moved to Oklahoma They Would Look Like This….

Oklahoma Celebrities

The great thing about photoshop is that I’m not one of those people who is particularly critical of botched jobs.  Our man Paul Tassi is becoming a photoshop stud and I give him all the credit.  However, my whole thing with the use of it to display humor is more so behind the idea than the execution.

Don’t get me wrong.  I 100% appreciate a great photoshop and if two photoshops tried to display the same humorous idea and one were neater than the other clearly I’d pick that one first.   I think you guys know what I mean though.  The point is, it’s funny to see a celebrity’s face on another body or tons of other scenarios.

So when I came across these white trashian pictures of celebrities I had to share them.  Some are of high quality and some leave a bit to be desired, but who cares?  They’re all pretty funny.

I’m a little lazy to put in the names of the celebrities but chances are if you don’t recognize who these people are you probably shouldn’t be reading an entertainment site in the first place.

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

Oklahoma Celebrities

  • IcemanD

    Ahahaha, Sarah Jessica Parker posing with a horse.
    Oh man, That’s F’n Hilarious!

  • Dorkus Malorkus

    That was surprisingly awesome!

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  • Madison

    @ IcemanD

    You said it. Like a pair of twins.

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  • But Tara Reid is the real one, no ?

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  • Darl

    Just a word, AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • okgal

    Being from oklahoma I def. have to say this is lame we have our fair share of celebrities and they don’t look as trashy as you made these celebrities out to be if they were from Oklahoma…

  • Trinity

    this is an insult to all Oklahomans! discusting and cruel. At least we are down to earth real people who actually have better things to do than photoshop stupid pictures. Get a life people!

  • madeleinem

    being from Oklahoma, im kind of offended. yes there are some people that look like that here, but there are some people that are pretty darn hot. but of course they dont show them.. no.. never!!

  • Kim

    Just goes to show that anyone can be a celeb!!

  • Dee

    Come on all you Oklahomians, have a sense of humor!!! They could photoshop pics of celebs and say they were from any state and it would still be funny. That’s why they call it comedy, don’t take yourself so seriously…

  • Slayer

    The people complaining about Oklahoma being used wouldn’t be complaining if it were say Nebraska or Iowa. Who cares? It’s just a website.

  • Susie

    I am from Oklahoma and I think this is hilarious! 🙂

  • I’m not so sure these people could be classified as Oklahoman’s. I live in Oklahoma and I have never seen pictures like this without someone holding a beer. Add a couple cans of Budweiser and it will be believable! Yeehaw!

  • Josh

    I, too, live in Oklahoma (but not for much longer) and have for most of my 27 year long life. Go to a Wal-Mart at two in the morning and you’ll see how spot on some of these pics are.

  • A couple of these actually made me laugh pretty hard. Pamela Anderson as the dumpy administrator is my favorite. I’m sad to say that there are plenty of similar women in CO.

  • Jenn Hunt

    you people are idiots! Have you ever even been to Oklahoma? I’m guessing not. I live in Oklahoma and have been to many different places and see people in all those places that look like this as well. Most of those pics, no one here has looked like that since the 70’s and 80’s! Get with the times! I get asked by morons from other states all the time if we ride horses everywhere and if we tease out bangs, no one does that, so get your facts straight!

  • Kasle

    Ive lived here my whole life and I’ve seen everyone of these folks down at the saloon, for those who are being devinsive of our state, you would be laughing if it were somewhere else. I’m also an artist and personaly the artist here rocked up photoshop. You should some of the pics Ive made of my own family. Just wait till he does “Stars from the mt’s in kentucky” talk about Delirverance….. and I do ride horses.. Jamm heavy metal. No drugs all my teeth love my state, but can appreciate funny @#$%

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  • Mitch

    Having lived in Oklahoma for a couple decades I have to say this is about as spot on accurate as it can possibly ever get. I am still laughing at this. AND, one of the photos (the body and background) is actually my old boss in my old office where I worked IN OKLAHOMA. Whoever did this, you need to do more!

  • Lauren

    Having lived here my whole life, I would say that we have our fair share of people who look like this and people who look just like everybody else. Granted, I grew up in Tulsa. But to the people who say this is spot-on, I just want to point out one thing: Brad Pitt is from Oklahoma. Shawnee, in fact. Look it up ; )