I’d Like to Tap Her Mana Pool

Damn, and there I was in college, thinking I was awesome because I wore a Dance Dance Revolution mat to an “anything but clothes” party. But I am more than one-upped by this girl and her Magic the Gathering playing card dress, which is rife with the potential for so many puns, they’ve all collided inside my head and blown up. In any case, props to her for letting her geek flag fly.

  • Aaron Movie Man

    FINALLY!!!!!!1 a magic card po5t! I know you must hate the pokemon’s extended family but the amount of time I’ve been reading this blog to just now get a magic card reference… I seriously thought you never heard of it.

  • Hah, I was never allowed to play Magic by my parents as it was too “occult-ish,” hence why you’ll rarely read about it on the site.

  • Gir

    holy crap that’s HILARIOUS! I want one!

  • Darth Vader

    I’d like to show her my +3 Giant Growth, Instant.

  • WXP


  • Jim

    I’d like to remove all cards from the game.